SmartThings GPS Tracker Missing Functionality iOS


I have two GPS Trackers setup in my SmartThings application and there seems to be a bunch of functionality missing in the iOS version of the app that works perfectly fine on android.

In the iOS version the option to do Live Tracking, Check Location, Battery Level and to update the device in the settings doesn’t work. I’ve tested on two iOS device with the same results. Android app works perfectly. Has anyone run into this issue or is it a bug with the app?

What make and model GPS tracker are you using?

I’m using the Samsung SmartThings Tracker (SM-V110W)

interesting, I thought they had dropped support for all of those models.

Yes I was surprised to read about that as well when looking into this issues. Seems like ATT and Verizon dropped support. However here in Canada, Bell seems to still support the device and I haven’t received any notice of deprecation.

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After being unable to submit a support ticket anywhere to Samsung regarding the issue I just ended up cancelling my plan for the tracker and got a different tracker from another company. The new tracker has had no issues and works much better than the smart tracker ever did.