Smart Switches Install Suggestions

Hi, I have a 4 light switches on the same panel. I got the switches all wired up but I can’t get the cover to fit correctly. Seems like there just isn’t enough space and the extra metal space on the sides of the switches take away all wiggle room. Any suggestions? ! I can get like 2/4 to fit lol. 15360056225058750029585677231124|690x388

Can you take a photo with the plate removed?

Do the switches have the metal tab(s) on the sides that you can remove by using pliers to bend the tab back and forth until it pops off?

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Yeah sure. I’ll post it in here in a sec. I just did more research and saw the post similiar to what @TylerDurden posted about removing the metal tabs. Trying that now. Will report back.Guess I should read the instructions more carefully lol…

Yes, I wanted to see if you had removed the tabs :slight_smile:

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Those tabs are heat sinks, so if you are switching more than LED loads, calculate your switched wattage and remove the tabs accordingly. The instructions will specify how many you can remove for a given load. You may need to remove the tabs from an adjacent switch.

Well crap, I removed all of them and then realized I should of left the outer ones.

Yes, you should. But if you are talking LED bulbs in single or just a few on each switch, you have nothing whatsoever to worry about. To be sure, though, check your switch manufacturer’s site to see how removing the tabs affects the maximum load. Probably way above what you are using.

FWIW they matter most on dimmer switches where max wattage load decreases depending on how many you take off. If it’s an on off switch it doesn’t matter as much.

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I have one dimmer switch. Rest are all on off switches. It’s only 3 lights though and they’re all LEDs

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