GE Installation of two switches in double gang box - overlap?

Installing 2 GE switches in the same double gang box and there seems to be no way to install without the little side tabs overlapping, as shown in the picture. Is this correct?

(PS - thanks to others who have informed me of other smart switch options, such as the zoom. I’ve had about 10 GE switches on site for a few months, finally getting around to installation, but looking at another round of purchases with different brands)

If you have have two switched side by side. You are suppose to brake of those metal tabs on the inside ( of both swiches) so they fit in the box together. Get a pair of pillars or wire cuts and bend them back and forward until they snap off … much easier to do before you hook the switch up.


You break the tabs off the inside of both switches in that situation. (instructions are in the box)

It slightly decreases the heat dissapation capacity of the dimmers/switches but unless you’re running a ton of lighting off of it, you’ll be fine.


Ah, thanks all. I guess I didn’t spend enough time with the instructions. Much appreciated, and sorry for the basic question.

Note that once you break off the tabs, the load rating of the switch decreases. The tabs function as part of the heat sink of the sink.

Thanks Iridris - I’m only working with a few lights, all LED, so should be good

I think that is true for a dimmer, but the switches have relays and unless the relay contacts are failing they should not produce much heat.