Smart switch on bypass mode

Hi everyone,

I could not find topic about it, so I’m opening this one.

Does exist a smart switch where we can put it on a bypass mode?

In another words… Where the energy passes by just to give it power to work, but load exit is not controlling directly any device.

I would like to use it as a wifi switch to control several devices at the same time.

But I would like to keep the standard of switches look that I have. I don’t like the look of the WiFi switches on the market.


Welcome, Flávio.

Where in the world are you located? The selection will vary depending on your country/region.


I am in Canada.

Inovelli switches have a “smart bulb” mode where the relay is disabled, and is definitely available in Canada if they have stock. So do Zooz switches, which I think are available there as well. Inovelli has more features, Zooz is more economical if you don’t need the extras.

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What Mark said, but if you don’t want it to control a directly wired load, then with an Inovelli, you just don’t wire one if you don’t want. Just provide the switch or dimmer a hot and a neutral and it becomes a scene/binding or association controller.


Nice to know.
So it makes me think something. I am already using 2 Kasa switches… and they also have the Neutral wire…
Do you think I could do with them the same as you suggested with the Inovelli?

The ZooZ Zen32 can also do this.


There are multiple threads on this topic in the forum, but since most of them are going to refer to the old architecture, I think we can skip going back to them for now.

do you have a smartthings/Aeotec hub? If you do, there are several Z wave switches, as others have mentioned, which are designed to do exactly this, including some from Zooz and some from inovelli as has been mentioned.

If you don’t have a hub, then you are limited at this time to Wi-Fi switches, or those that have their own bridge.

Whether or not you can just bypass the load in a switch depends on specifically how it is designed. Some allow for this, but some do not. The problem is that the radio inside the switch has to continue to be powered in order to send the information about the manual press to it.

Offhand, I don’t know of any Wi-Fi models that do this, you may need to contact the device manufacturer to see if it’s an option with the specific models you are using.:thinking:

(BTW, there may be a few more candidate models next spring after matter – compliant devices are released.)


Thanks @JDRoberts!

I don’t have this hub… I am still new to all this…
For now, I’m just using the Kasa support, because I bought everything from them, plus a sensibo and an Airthings that I am connecting them through IFTTT.

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The TP Link Kasa app has the ability to link multiple switches into a group if that’s of any help.

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I don’t know about the Kasa in particular but it’s only safe to do this if the switch supports disabling the relay. Otherwise it is turning power on at the load terminal with nothing connected. That’s not really safe, in my opinion.


Alright! I will check if it has this option.

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