Inovelli Red Series Switch (September 2019) & Red Series Dimmer (November 2019)


This switch is dope! Really nice feature set. I love the LED status thingy. I am always asking did the dogs go out. With this, I can just look at the LED and if its red then they need to go out.

Think I might get a couple to play with when released…depending on cost of course.

They went through the FCC around August 19th. They replied on twitter the on/off would ship in August and the dimmer a couple weeks after. But it is September now…

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Hey thanks for the tag @JDRoberts!

Yeah @Automated_House idk how you found it, but you tweeted our FCC listing. I was legit impressed lol! I didn’t realize how much info the FCC gave out, made for an exciting ongoing conversation with our competitors!

So, good news is that these switches are enroute from the manufacturer and should be ready on Amazon within 7-10 days – pre-orders should get a confirmation by Monday at the latest.

We’re all super excited – it’s nice to see these bad boys come to fruition!



Cool stuff Eric

Good people, good fun, great times brotha!

@Eric_Inovelli what about dimmer preorders? When will those ship?

i guess these are US only?


I was looking at the fan/light switch you show coming soon. Will it actually have 2 load connections and work via the switch when SmartThings is down? May solve an issue I’ve had for a long time with my back porch only having one switch to control the fans/lights together. I can run the extra wire, but there’s no room to install a 4 gang box instead of the 3 gang box that’s already there. The builders severely notched the framing around a window just to get the 3 gang in there.

I know there’s a way to do it with relays in the fan housing and such, but I’d really like a solution that works the old fashion way in a pinch.

Now that we have switch ship dates, when do we find out about the bulbs @Eric_Inovelli?


Hey @ritchierich - I should know more tonight when we connect with the manufacturer. They said everything should be ready by Aug 30, but that date has come and gone, so we’re a little perturbed over here. We’ll get the the bottom of it tonight though.

The latest was that we were waiting to hear back from UL and they finally approved us last week.

@mark_cockcroft - no, we’ll be shipping to Canada as well :slight_smile: - it just may take a couple extra weeks to get to

@DavinD - so how it will work is that the switch part will only have a line and neutral terminal. From there, the switch will talk to a module located up in the fan. The fan module will house all of the electronics used for Dimming and speed control. We explored having two other Terminals on the switch in case you had two wires coming down from the fan, but to meet our release goals, we had to move this to V2 as the size of the switch would increase dramatically and the PCB boards would have to be redesigned.

More on that here:

But to answer your question - the switch will still work if ST is down. The switch is Z-Wave, but the communication between the switch and module is RF and doesn’t require a HUB to operate.

@Automated_House - man you are on top of your game. First you found the FCC listing for our switches and now you noticed the bulbs lol. I need you to work for us! While Z-Wave Certification is done, we still need to be ST Certified as there actually isn’t a default RGBW and CCT dth (we have to use Aeotec’s right now lol). So, the bulbs have been sent off and we’re just waiting on that. Estimated shipping will likely be early/mid-Oct.

Packaging looks pretty sweet though!


Shipping now from inovelli. Don’t see it on Amazon yet.


Thanks for the shoutout @jkp – yes, finally we have the On/Off’s out and into the wild. Dimmers should be coming soon (I know those two words are haunting ppl – me too).

They will be live on Amazon in about a week or so. We wanted to get pre-orders out first and we had some extra shipped to HQ that we’ll be fulfilling ourselves.

Eventually all will be fulfilled by Amazon (even our website) – it’ll likely be a couple dollars cheaper on our site.

Thanks again!



Now available to order at Amazon with shipping to begin Sept 19


I just installed my first one… Its awesome and the solution with child devices inside the switch for notification is great (its limited to 5 notifications/ colors/ patterns. But I am sure one could modify the DTH to increase this if needed)! Notifications are pretty easy to set up. It also has tons of other configuration options.

I use it as an alarm indicator so nobody opens a door when the alarm is on.

One quick note… I did not see the description of how to install the child device handle in the included paper instructions (maybe I just missed them). This is needed to enable the notifications. They are included in the online instructions though that you get when you can the Smartthings QR code on the instruction sheet.


Any update on the timeline for the dimmers?

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@gbenrus25 - yes, they are in production right now (started Oct 4th). I should have an update tonight!

You can follow the status here:

Thanks for the support and have an awesome night!


I’m curious, I have a 3 way switch with a netural to one switch but no netural to the other. Could this switch work being hooked up to the line with the netural & the otjer switch staying a dumb switch?