Smart switch for Attic/Whole House Fan

Here’s a pic of what I’d like to replace. Any recommendations?


Brand and model of the fan?

Here’s what I found using reverse image search:

Airmaster is the brand of the switch. I’ll check the model next time I’m at my mothers house.

Not sure it it’s 120’or 240v

JDRoberts - you’re awesome.

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Thanks! It’s good to have the information about the switch, but it would also help to have the information about the fan. :thinking:

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Sorry. I meant to say I would check the fan model number next.

Thanks again!

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Made by Lomanco. Here’s a pic with power specs.

If you just need on/off you could mount a 120V relay like this one: Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module - FS20Z-1. Control it with automation or a smart switch

Why not use just use a 15A on/off switch?

I neglected to mention that I would prefer a zigbee solution.

@RBoy - almost certain there will be no neutral and the existing switch supports variable speed control for the fan.

@JDRoberts - your thoughts?

I’m sorry, I don’t know of any zigbee devices capable of controlling a motor that don’t require a neutral.

There are some dimmer light switches that don’t require a neutral, but you should definitely not use those for motor speed control: the physics are different and you can create a fire hazard.

Automating Fan Control--Don't Use a Light Dimmer!

The smartest house has a solution for a whole house fan using a zwave multi relay that you could place along the circuit where there is a neutral. That might be an option. Then you would have to combine that with a switch so that the switch is operating the relay rather than the fan motor itself. You could even do that virtually rather than with wiring, which would give you a lot more choices for the switch, including battery-operated devices.

Zooz is the house brand for the smartest house. Contact their support for information about wiring or other questions on your project.

I know that’s a lot more work than just replacing the switch, and you may not want to go that direction, but with the constraints you’ve given, that’s the only way I can think of to do it. Maybe someone else will have other ideas. :thinking: