Smart things power controller for whole home fan

I have a whole house attic fan and tried connecting the wires that currently go into a wall switch it came with.

I tried connecting it a Belkin Wemo switch but I think the voltage/wattage kept tripping it and it would not work.

Can anyone recommend an in wall unit that I can control the on/off of the fan with Smartthings when its connected to it via the existing wires ?

Depending on how much amperage the Fan needs, I would think that a GE on/off z-wave switch should work. You will need to assess this yourself, as depending on the age of the house you may not have the necessary wiring to make these switches work correctly.

How old is your house, and do you know tha tyou have Hot, Ground, and Neutral available?

Thanks for the suggestion I may pick one up this week.

The home is 12yrs.

The wemo is rated at 1800w resistive and 600w max load. I know the linear is similar. The Ge won’t be far off either. You might want to look at the fan as suggested by Edward. A z-wave relay would probably be best.

Says online “Compatible with incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, xenon, halogen and LED lighting up to 960-Watt” so maybe the extra 360 watt’s will be sufficient to make it work ?

Doesn’t hurt to give it a try. Usually the running load is not an issue with motor. It’s the startup power draw is.

@mwhaley99 I’m using the Wemo Light Switch to control my 200W whole house fan and it works great. I did have some problems too initially when the Ground was not properly connected so you might want to check out your lines with an outlet tester.

So I tried the 3 way GE Fan switch and same issue, when I went to turn on the fan it would briefly engage for less than a second and turn off, think the load is too much for it, damn.