Motor switching?

Are there any smart switches suitable for switching an ECM motor on and off? I just had an attic fan installed and I want to be able to shut if off during the winter without crawling into the attic. It often gets above the turn on temp during California winters and I want to keep the attic heat during the winter as it still gets cold (CA cold, 40s-50s :-)) at night.

Do you know the voltage / amperage on the fan? People will also need to know your region (North America, Europe, etc.) for a good recommendation.

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In the US - Something like the GE 14285

Sorry I guess I didn’t specify, I am looking for a plug in solution. the fan are so low current that they just install a regular

wall out let and they come with a plug, they are not hard wired in. 40A is over kill and definitely $160 is way more than

I want to pay. But thanks for the advice considering I left out some important information.

What I am really looking for is someone that understands these ECM motors that can tell me if the standard (cheap) plug in smart switch

will work or will it damage the motor.


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No worries, you’re right - over spec and work back when there’s missing data. A switch that has a true relay on the on/off function should work fine in that case. Your big issue is to ensure the switch can handle the startup current required on the fan without burning up. For instance, use one of the multiple Zwave or Zigbee smart outlets like the Ge/Jasco or the Zooz. I personally have MANY GE outlets in my home speckled around and drive fans and space heaters on them often and the Zooz unit on my washing machine that runs on a 110 circuit:

Bonus, the Zooz has power metering so it can be used to inform actions that need to know about power draw (Such as if you have to leave the circuit on, but let a thermostat drive the actual fan - and you want to know when it’s running…)

And, as you were smart enough to ask the question you probably already know - NEVER install a dimmer on a circuit that drives a fan. Very bad things happen.