Smart + Standard lighting setup Question (UK)

I live in the UK and am new to Smart Lighting and trying to get the right configuration for my needs. I have several rooms to purchase for.

I would like to go smart for a few rooms straight away and then building up to fully smart in the future (mainly due to cost). So I need light switches that will work with smart and standard dimmable option. Is there a non smart light switch that can cover both scenarios ? I know that for smart to work, the light has to be connected / ‘on’


  • GU10 Dimmable
  • Preference for standard light dimmable light switch to stay on for smart rooms
  • Lighting can be controlled via light switch or via App (it is fine if the features are limited for light switch)

So far I have the following:

  • AU-A1GUZBRGBW for smart lighting or Aurora EN-DGU005
  • Add a battery operated light remote i.e Aurora AU-A1ZBRC AONE ZigBee Remote Controller to some rooms so App is not always required
  • Add a SmartThings hub (preferable) or Aone Hub (because I need to :slight_smile: ) - should I be getting V3 or Aeotec ?
  • Aurora EN-DLM981X downlights

So now I just need to find a permanent light switch that is appropriate - can anyone suggest any options ?

Or if there is any alternatives to the above then happy to hear ideas.

Forgive me, I’m not quite understanding your question. :thinking:

In particular, this isn’t clear to me.

Sounds like you may be a bit confused about the difference between smart bulbs and smart switches.

There are smart switches that are wired into the mains to replace your existing dumb switch (or modules that go behind the existing dumb switch to make it smart). These work physically at the wall just like a dumb switch. They don’t stay in the “on“ position all the time. Instead, the wiring is such that current is provided to the radio inside the switch at all times, but the switch itself is still on or off. However, it may be a “momentary“ switch that physically rests in the neutral position. These switches can be used with dumb lamps, no problem. The radio is in the switch, not the lamp. :sunglasses:

Smart bulbs are where things can get tricky, and where you will hear people say that the dumb wall switch on the same circuit branch has to be on at all times. That’s so you aren’t cutting power to the radio inside the bulb. However, these days there are a number of Smart Switches designed for exactly this scenario, so that the switch on the wall can be turned on and off, but you don’t cut current to the radio.

so if what you were asking is if you can have a wall switch that can be used to dim or turn a light on and off and still also control everything from an app or with a rule you set up through a Smartthings home automation system, then yes, you can have that. But it does depend on the exact devices chosen.

First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.“ :wink:

If you were asking something else, I apologise for my confusion. If you can clarify a bit more, we can get you the answer.

(Also, I have moved your thread to projects so that you can get individualised responses based on your specific needs and preferences.)

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As far as which hub, the Aeotec “works as a smartthings hub“ is essentially a rebadged version of the V3. It is replacing the V3. I would personally get the Aeotec just because I think it will help with future support questions, but that’s up to you.

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Sorry its not clear - I think its my understanding of wall socket switches…

I am not keen on any module unless it is placed in the back box (access purposes)
Would ‘Smart’ mean “the wiring is such that current is provided to the radio inside the switch at all times, but the switch itself is still on or off” - or is this possible in Dumb ? It sounds like its not possible in Dumb.

yes this is correct - but does it have to be a smart or is dumb possible (similar to above).
How do I go about choosing a compatible wall switch? Is there any technical info I should be looking for ?

In a smartthings context, ”dumb” means doesn’t have a radio. It is not part of your home automation system.

“Smart” means it’s part of your home automation system, which usually means it has a radio.

A smart switch can be operated manually at the wall, or by app, or from a schedule like “turn on every day at sunset“ or other automation rules you create through your home automation system. Or potentially by a smart voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. :sunglasses: :level_slider: :bulb:

Would ‘Smart’ mean “the wiring is such that current is provided to the radio inside the switch at all times, but the switch itself is still on or off” - or is this possible in Dumb ? It sounds like its not possible in Dumb.

It’s not possible in dumb but it’s also not meaningful in dumb because there isn’t a radio to need current. :thinking:

There are multiple different possibilities with smart switches because, for example, some of them are battery operated and don’t control the current at all.

However, there is a very common set up where the radio is in the smart bulb, not in the switch. Those are the ones were turning the switch off might cut current all together to the fitting so that then the smart bulb doesn’t have current to operate its radio. so it can’t hear the next “on“ request from the network. These are the situations that you normally are reading about when someone talks about needing to have the wall switch on at all times.

If it’s a smart switch controlling dumb lamps, than that doesn’t have the same issue because turning the switch off manually will most typically not cut power to the radio. It will just cut power to the fitting.