Smart Security questions

So I have a Fortrezz Siren/Strobe that is configured. Also using motion sensors, and door sensors to monitor. I setup the smart security by smart things and just have questions about it. Doesn’t seem like it works reliably.

Once I set the mode to Bed Time that’s when the smart security is set to be armed. The first time I test it (by walking into a room with a motion) the fortrezz alarm goes off as normal. So I turn the alarm off by opening the alarm and hitting off. I don’t change the mode or anything. I wait until there is no motion and walk back into the room. I get the notification on my phone saying motion detected, and see it in the app, but the siren doesn’t go back off. It stays quiet.

Below are all my settings in the app.
Sensors detecting an intruder
Motion Sensors:
All selected

Contact Sensors:
All selected

Sensors detecting residents
Motion Sensors:

Alarm settings and actions
Which Alarm(s)
I chose my only siren

Silent alarm only (Yes/No):

Delay in seconds before siren sounds:

Flash these lights (optional):

Change to this mode (optional):

Notify others (optional)
Send this message:

To this phone:

Arm system when residents quiet for (default 3 minutes)
Time in minutes:

Assign a name:
custom name

Set for specific mode(s):
Bed Time