Fortrezz Siren going smart apps on it

Hi everyone…our fortrezz siren keeps going off randomly. I’m using the smart security app and it’s supposed to only come on in away mode, but was randomly coming on in night mode. So I disabled the app. Strangely,now the siren will go off without being in any smart apps so I had to unplug it. Anyone have this issue or know what could possibly cause, hopefully non supernatural explanation :slight_smile:


Yep. Has happened to me a few times too. Just business as usual for the SmartThings platform as far as I can tell

@ironadam, what does the event log for that device in the IDE show for that time frame?

Hi John, how do I look that up? Not familiar with IDE - please let me know so I can provide more info.

We also found a light switch hooked up our system went on every 20 mins last night. Do I just need to unplug and plug back in and maybe these issues will go away?


Hi @ironadam. Go here:

Register, and then once in the IDE go to My Devices and click on the device that’s the siren. Then go to List Events and then select All.

The IDE (developer tools) is an integral part of ST, and helps you manage your ST system.

John, I’ve now registered and looked at events. It appears a Device/digital is turning this on at random times. It’s not even setup as a smart app. It seems to come on when our dining room switch turns on, which is also doing so randomly (a smart app is tied to motion on that one but it’s going on even without motion being detected). Now that I can look at the log, are there more specifics I can give you to help? I’m seeing the motion is showing weird battery readings, 38% then 50% and a number of rssi events, but the dining room switch is triggered far more often then just motion events.

Let me know what else I can provide. Thanks


John, just FYI - I submitted a ticket to smart things because the problem is also with the dining room device. Something is causing these to trigger - and im hoping they can help. I wrote them this:

Hi! I’ve been a smartthings user for about 8 months now. I’ve never used the system fully, but over the holidays have started to dive in quite a bit more. I’m starting to love it, but recently, two devices have caused us a lot of challenges, particularly in the middle of the night. I’m hoping you can view the event log to get an understanding of what is happening

Our dining room light switch is triggered to go in when set to Sleepy Time (formerly called Night - I renamed this, which coincidentally seems to have been the start of many of these problems) and motion is detected. The light is coming on every 20 minutes during the night, mostly no detection there. Tonight I will try disabling the smart app, but the goal is to have this work with motion, not come on every 20 minutes

The Living Room Siren is going off randomly. It may be tied to the same event that is turning on the dining room light because it appears to come on shortly after the light goes on. Originally I had this set up with “Smart ALarm” Smartapp, but I removed that. However, the siren still came on even with no smart apps attached to it. I had to unplug it for it to stop coming on

Those two devices are the only ones causing us issue, and since they’re middle of the night problems, they’re rather large issues. Can you please let us know what we can do? Happy to trouble shoot with you as well - just let me know


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This may be the entirety of your issue…
I too renamed some of the stock modes, and bizarre things ensued…
For me what worked was deleting the ones I had renamed, then adding them back in with the same names I had used before.

In other words, the rename function doesn’t work correctly.

@ironadam, yeah Adam something isn’t right. Go back into the IDE and look at the siren again but this time at the very bottom you’ll see “In Use By SmartApps”. If anything is listed I would uninstall and do what Mike just recommended. In fact just uninstall the apps and plug the siren back in. If it doesn’t go off again you’ve found the problem, otherwise you may have to exclude and reinclude the siren.

You also got ST support engaged, and they’ll be able to help you out as well.

You guys are so helpful. I love this community. I’ll try deleting those modes and adding them back to see what happens! Thanks for the help and I’ll post back with what resolutions come about.


Guys, just to keep you posted, I tried deleting those modes and creating new ones named the same as the ones I deleted. Strangely, the old modes keep showing up (basically showing up as duplicates). That’s one odd thing. The other odd thing is that tonight at 1115, our dining room light came on which is normally triggered on by motion when sleep mode is set. I checked the log and there was no motion at that time. Even stranger is that our siren came on and there was no event in SmartThings for the siren coming on even though it came on at the exact same time as the dining room switch.

I’ve emailed SmartThings about this, but thought I’d keep this post updated in case anyone else is following or having similar experiences. FYI - even though motion detection for triggering the light switch is there, it no longer shows up in smart apps.


Further update: still haven’t heard anything from smartthings support. Have given them time stamped situations now. Yesterday, I deleted both devices from my hub and re-added them, but last night, the dining room light came on again without motion and the siren was triggered. The good news this time is at least the events showed up in my IDE log. Just don’t know why they’re happening. Other good news is the motion smart app is finally showing up in the dining room light.

Is this typical? This is the first time setting up quite a few smart apps and it makes me nervous how unstable the results can be, particularly since it’s waking us up in the middle of the night.

No, not typical at all. Only time I’ve had an issue was when renaming the stock modes.

For anyone following this, just created a new topic for this as I’m learning more and more :smile: Here’s what I wrote over there

So I’ve posted about a problem where my dining room light was turning on randomly. I finally found a trigger for it. About 30 seconds before the light comes on, our thermostat turns on. Once a new temperature reading reaches the smarththings hub for the thermostat, the light turns off (about 5 minutes later). Every time you turn on the thermostat, the light comes on, then it goes off 5 minutes later. This was also triggering our siren to come on, but we unplugged that. The light is on a circuit as one other light switch, and that one is not coming on, so I imagine this is zwave related. What’s very interesting is the smartthings reading on the event log says the light coming on is physical, but no one is touching it. We thought it was a faulty switch, but now I’m guessing it’s something screwed up in my hub that is sending on on command to that switch when the heater comes on. Anyone else have this issue or know how to solve? PLEASE tell me you have as I would love to get this light off during the evening!