Issues with Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren

(Anthony Combs) #1

I added the Fortrezz Siren and set it up under “Safety and Security” - “Security Alarm”. It was setup to go off when a door opens in the away profile. This sort of works. The siren only chirps and stops chirping after about a minute.

If I go to the siren settings in the Smart Things app I can test it and it works fine. The idea of this would be to disturb an intruder into leaving. With the 1 second chirps I doubt it will do much.

Any thoughts before I start shipping equipment back?


try using SmartAlarm

(Anthony Combs) #3

Issue was resolved by support. It is a known issue but not one they can replicate. I had to not do the Security Alarm and chose a different setup. Here is what they recommended and it worked. I may consider the Smart Alarm.

Hit the “+” icon
Scroll down to "Alarms & Sirens"
Tap the Fortrezz Siren Strobe Alarm
Tap "Top Alerts and Actions"
Tap "Monitor for open/closed"
Choose or Add the Door
Select your parameters and hit Done

(Anthony Combs) #4

Trying Smart Alarm tonight and so far love it. Than you for recommending it.


glad you like it! it has so many more options and a lot of flexibility