Issues with Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren

I added the Fortrezz Siren and set it up under “Safety and Security” - “Security Alarm”. It was setup to go off when a door opens in the away profile. This sort of works. The siren only chirps and stops chirping after about a minute.

If I go to the siren settings in the Smart Things app I can test it and it works fine. The idea of this would be to disturb an intruder into leaving. With the 1 second chirps I doubt it will do much.

Any thoughts before I start shipping equipment back?

try using SmartAlarm

Issue was resolved by support. It is a known issue but not one they can replicate. I had to not do the Security Alarm and chose a different setup. Here is what they recommended and it worked. I may consider the Smart Alarm.

Hit the “+” icon
Scroll down to "Alarms & Sirens"
Tap the Fortrezz Siren Strobe Alarm
Tap "Top Alerts and Actions"
Tap "Monitor for open/closed"
Choose or Add the Door
Select your parameters and hit Done

Trying Smart Alarm tonight and so far love it. Than you for recommending it.

glad you like it! it has so many more options and a lot of flexibility