Smart power strips and operation thereof

Hi everyone. I currently have a belkin power strip that has switched outlets with a remote “switch.” I can operate this switch independent of any other control. It’s basic on/off functionality.

I’m new to SmartThings. Does anyone make a “smart” power strip that will allow me to use a separate remote to control the power strip in addition to the app. (Mainly, my wife will not use the app so it needs to have a manual control as well).

I suppose an alternative would be for two outlet modules (if they have the capacity to have a “manual” remote.

The Belkin power strip I have is similar to the following:

Thanks in advance.

Z-Wave switches can be controlled by compatible hand-held Z-Wave remote controls independently of the SmartThings app. I don’t know if anyone makes Z-Wave power strips though.

Is there a wall switch that will control a pair of outlets without actually being a wired wall switch?

The Aeotec power strip is fairly popular in the community.

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Any wall switch which is compatible with smart things, regardless of protocol, and regardless of whether it is Mains powered or battery powered, can control any other device which is controlled by smart things, whether that’s a in wall receptacle, another wall switch, a plug-in pocket socket, etc. :sunglasses:

The way smartthings works, the switch sends a message to the hub and the hub sends a message to the outlet.

The only issue here is what you mean by “a pair of outlets.”

As it happens, there was just a discussion about this earlier today:

Oh, and here’s the list of battery operated devices that includes those that can work as wall mounts. :sunglasses:

Yes, these are called scene controllers. They have multiple buttons that can be associated with individual switches or groups of switches. For example, this:

Note that this particular controller works only with Z-Wave devices, but it can work independently of Smart Things. There are others that can also control non-Z-Wave devices via SmartThings hub.

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There are two different classes of devices. As @geko points out, scene controllers will work only. With devices of the same protocol, and only within one “hop” which usually means in the same room. So for example a Z wave scene controller like the GE 45631 cannot be used to turn on zigbee lightbulbs or a Wi-Fi outlet or Z wave switch on another floor in the home. The problem with this device class is that they use a communication method where they talk directly to another device in the same room. Which sounds good, but means the two devices have to use the same protocol and the SmartThings hub will not have any idea when the device status changes.

Fortunately, as he also mentioned, there is a second class of devices you can use. SmartThings also allows for “button controllers,” which are devices which send a message to the SmartThings hub which then sends a message to the device to be controlled. Because the hub is standing in the middle, you can change protocols, or control devices in a different part of the house. So these are very useful and allow you to take full advantage of smartthings’ multiprotocol platform… :sunglasses::level_slider::bulb:

The devices listed in the buttons FAQ I linked to previously are almost all button controllers.

You can use a scene controller if there’s a particular one that you like and it fits the exact use case you have, but you will have a lot more flexibility with the button controllers.

Mainly looking to have a wall switch for two lamps in my living room that have no proper wall switch, with an added bonus of being able to control them with a smartthings app. Don’t care if it is one outlet that controls a power strips or two outlets that control individual lights that come on in tandem when I flip the wall switch.

If you want them to always come on at the same time and always go off at the same time, there’s a nice new plug module from GE that has two synchronized outlets. I think it’s probably intended for nightstand lights.

You can then combine that with any device you like from the buttons FAQ to act as the wall switch.

It looks like the Aeon Power strip is out of stock, but the Zooz Power Strip has 5 outlets that can be controlled independently.

The DTH I created for it allows you to specify which outlet(s) to control with the switch on/off commands so you could use it to control 2 are used so you could use it to control two outlets together and the other 3 outlets independently.

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I like using the Aeon Remote to control my lamps which are plugged into smart outlets.

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Would this work? (Looking for simple one device control.) Sylvania Lightify Remote

Or This? Insteon Mini Remote

This is more like what I have in mind. Basically trying to control the lamps in a room without a physical switched outlet.

The lightify device do you linked to does work with smartThings. Insteon uses their own proprietary protocol, so their devices do not work with SmartThings.

There are many different possible devices with different form factors listed in the buttons and remotes FAQ. :sunglasses: Some look just like light switches.

The following are all detailed in the FAQ:

So lots of choices. :sunglasses:

There’s a new pocket socket device from showhome, Z wave plus certified, which has two outlets which can be controlled independently.

@whosinaname reported on it in another thread:

I expect to see more devices with a similar form factor in 2017, now that the smaller antennas for Z wave plus makes this easier to do. :sunglasses: