Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Energy Power Strip: Lowest Price ever

According to Camel^3, this is the lowest price ever:

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Thanks for the heads up on this and a noob question for you. What is the advantage of a Z-Wave power strip over a standard strip plugged into a Z-Wave outlet?

Power strip has 4 switchable outlets. If you use strip plugged into z-wave outlet, they only switch altogether, not one at a time.

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In addition to what @DaPanda mentioned, you can also measure the power of each outlet individually.

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This is a great device. I have never had any issues with this device. Highly recommend.

Thanks @DaPanda That makes sense. I can’t currently think of a use in my home, but I’m sure others have the need.

@claytonjn Again, I’m totally new to this stuff… why would you need to measure the power of each outlet individually?

Work good for entertainment center. Turn off power to TV, Blu-ray, reciever etc, only leave power on the DVR.

That is a good use… although we no longer have a DVR in our house and I use a higher end surge protector power strip to protect those things.

OMG these are good devices! I love mine! Actually wish I had two more.

I got mine for $50 a pop from a Staples sale a while back.


I have my clothes washer and dryer (gas) plugged into this strip. I wrote a SmartApp that notifies me when each one is done running (respectively). You could also do the same with CoRE. The strip was cleaner and less expensive than two separate energy sensing plugs. Plus, most plugs have a form factor that prohibits plugging two into the same outlet, so you’d either need a 1’ extension, or a smart outlet with smart plug.

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I have two in my server closet, it’s great for that. Would love two in two of my three entertainment centers, but it’s really overkill as I don’t have the need for exactness as I do in the server space.

Or the appliance module I mentioned before. I have no experience with that seller, it was just the only place I found them in stock/available.

Looks like they’re sold out. Unless you want to buy one from Israel for $182

I’ve got a couple of those, work great, but they’ve been unavailable for months now. At least everywhere I’ve checked.

zwaveproducts has the power strip for $74.99, and use VIP1215 for 10% off. I think you need to get up to $100 for free shipping though

This looks pretty interesting too

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Does this strip show up in ST fine with the device DTH ? On/Off works for each of the 4 outlets ?

With @erocm1231 handler, yes, all four are switchable, using his simulated switches and smart app to combine it all, works very well.


Awesome. I will give this a shot. I really like this power strip for behind the entertainment center.

Is this product available anywhere?