Showhome Products ?!?!?

So the discussion of the multi-outlet power strip got me looking to see if there was anything else out there that would be similar to it, so I ventured off to the Z-Wave Alliance’s website to see what was either out in the ecosystem now, or soon to be (

So, good news first: I found that there are more z-wave strips out there:

There’s a two outlet and a five outlet (with USB!!) strip out there that got it’s Z-wave Plus certification back in Feb. from a company called Showhome.

Now the weird part… The first thing I did was google the part number to see who is currently selling it (if it’s in the channel or not), and to get an estimated price … along with determining if there are discussions about this. There isn’t a lot in the search for “showhome ZW 1505”, but the first link takes you to what appears to be the manufacturer’s website. It’s Chinese, but they have a English page (

Going there, it’s pretty evident that while this is an offering from someone branding Show…stuff , the Showhome product site isn’t fully ready yet as none of the buttons work. But here’s the really crazy part. I’ve highlighted it in the picture below:

They continue to use the same verbiage throughout the page (in fact, that’s the only thing that they say), and in their other products they’re using the Lowes logo; and a quick search of Lowes doesn’t show their product.

Were you guys aware that they’re using the name SmartThings for their product ?

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Could be a useful product eventually. Looks like a new company, or at least a new division. They certified four or five products with the Z wave alliance earlier this year, but they don’t appear to have completed FCC or UL certifications and haven’t brought the products to market yet. That’s not uncommon. Some companies take six months to a year to bring a newly certified zwave product to market.

As far as the “smartthings” mention that’s likely just a translation issue. I’m sure that happens a lot. Obviously it needs to be cleaned up before they actually do put a product on the market, but I don’t think it means much of anything right now except that they’re a Chinese company trying to write in English.

@slagle can report it to whoever needs to track it from a trademark standpoint. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the heads up guys!

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I recently purchased 2 of the “Z-Wave On/Off Smart Plug | Control 2 Outlets w/1 Module | Smart Outlet works with Alexa, SmartThings, Wink, Vera, Google Home, and 1500+ devices (UL Listed, ZWave Cert) | By Show Home (Inovelli)”

showhome Inovelli amazon

1 device controls 2 outlets, it is kind of strange to set up, it shows up as “z-wave device multichannel” and then you have to use the Multi-channel Control smartapp to control the plugs individually.

I haven’t heard anything about inovelli before, but for $35 it controls 2 devices. Happy so far.


Yeah, that dual plug looks good. If it works I’ll pick up a couple

I got this multi channel plug and it works and no problems setting it up.

For those using the 2 device product Amazon is selling
Dual zwave plug

Can it be controlled via other apps (I.e. CoRE or smartlighting?) or just that multi channel app you mentioned?

EDIT: Guess I should have read the questions on the Amazon page DOH! I assume this means CoRE can also?

Can both outlets be controlled individually? i see the new ge controls both simultaneously, but i’m hoping this one can be controlled individually”
Answer: Excellent question. Yes, both outlets can be controlled individually. In addition to individual control, with some HUB’s (SmartThings & Vera) you can actually set a main switch to control both outlets simultaneously as well.
In SmartThings, when you initially pair, you will see two individual endpoints (once you download the Multi-Channel SmartApp) as well as a “Z-Wave Device Multi-Channel”. Then, download the SmartApp called, “Smart Lights” and you can set that switch to control the two endpoints simultaneously.
For Vera, by setting up a Virtual Switch and a Scene, you can create the same effect.
Long winded way of saying: Out of the box, you will have individual control of both outlets – with some easy customization, you can have both individual and simultaneous control. see less

@rxsamg I don’t see why not once it’s in the system I was able to rename the endpoint and was able to control it with Amazon Alexa, so I would say that you would have no problem with core.

I just wrote a little about this device on our forum:,109855.0.html
It works with our software, Engen. I had minor problems setting it up, but part of that was probably our fault.
It works. I like it. It’s affordable.