Smart power strip

Any recommendations for a smart power strip that works well with ST? Thank you

Zooz ZEN20 has been working well for me. I don’t recall the details, but remember it took a few tries to get it to pair up. Other than that I haven’t had any issues. Each outlet can be labeled and controlled individually as well as the entire strip at once.


I also recommend the Zooz ZEN20, but it looks like no one is selling them online. It’s not marked as discontinued at Zooz yet. You may want to ask them when more will be available.


The Zooz ZEN20 and the Aeotec Smart Power Strip are the only 2 power strips I’m aware of and they’ve both been discontinued.

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Tagging @TheSmartestHouse to confirm if a replacement is coming. Their house brand is Zooz.


That sucks, I was looking into the Aeotec one but waited to long and it doesnt look like it’s available anymore.

We’re working on version 2 of the Power Strip, it should be available at the end of the summer. It will feature energy monitoring, status recovery after power failure, and a few other things we’ve added based on your feedback. We’ll post here once it comes out!


Hi everyone! We just released a limited quantity of the ZEN20 Power Strip, available here (but going fast):

The product is expected to be in wide release at the end of October.


Hi there

Any EU version on the horizon?

Hi Pedro, not from Zooz but we’ll pass the idea on to a couple of European manufacturers!

Difficult/impossible to find a eu version that works with ST

Best hope is for 110-240v native devices…

This Lidl power strip works fine with the custom device handler:

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Meross also has a WiFi power strip that works well with ST, no custom code needed. There are models available in both the US and the UK, Amazon will have them. Well engineered, good safety certifications. :sunglasses:





In both cases the regular sockets are individually controlled, and the USB slots are controlled as a group, all on or all off.

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