Meross Smart Power Strip works with SmartThings

tested the Meross WiFi Smart Power Strip with 4 AC 4 USB Ports Smart Power Strip Remote Control. Works first time through the Meross app and automatically links into ST also. You can control each of the four 13A sockets and also the block of four USB ports independently, with Meross app timers or using ST timers and control. Great for your Christmas lights!

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We should also mention that unlike a number of other inexpensive power strips, this one is ETL safety certified, and also works with HomeKit. :sunglasses:

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Looks like this version is out of stock, but there is a 4 outlet version available now. I may end up with this one, but I’ve been searching for Zwave/ Zigbee strip that measures energy use and is Individually addressable. As far as I can tell the ZOOZ one is the only one with these features. Unfortunately, it appears to be limited in the types of loads you can plug into it. Are there any other options?

As I’ve said many times, mesh networks like Z wave Zigbee just aren’t really a good match to real time energy monitoring. The architecture is designed for some thing like a light switch which has very few messages sent infrequently. Real time frequent messaging is just a better match to Wi-Fi.

That’s good to know in general. But it doesn’t look like many of the wi-fi versions have monitoring capabilities either? But assuming I give up the desire to have energy monitoring, are there other options available that are not Wifi?