Why does ST have a Wifi only outlet?

It’s model GP-WOU019BBAWU says it is WiFi only. Will other ST devices be going the same way?

I have tried WifI devices in the past i found them to be more of a pain to get set up vs zigbee or z-wave.

BTW i am looking for a outlet plug that has power monitoring. Any recommendations one that does not cover the outlet above it?

Thanks for the info.

SmartThings has been trying to lower the barrier of entry for new users. Devices that don’t require a hub are one way to do that.

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It’s just another option, as @prjct92eh2 said. Remember that with the new V3 app, a hub is no longer required to use smartthings. Since the same app is used to set up rules for Samsung smart appliances and their smart television line, there might very well be someone who had only a television, the camera, and the smart WiFi plug.

I agree with you that for many device classes ZIgbee or zwave make more sense than Wi-Fi, but the Wi-Fi devices can make a good starter set for someone who is just beginning. :sunglasses:

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Nice switch but a bit costly. I guess that is why they are trying wifi. Do the WifI versions use the smarthub at all?

I’ll still keep looking for a z-wave or zigbee plug.

No. Smartthings is now a “hub optional” platform unless you have devices that require a protocol used by the hub. So with Wi-Fi devices it will either be cloud to cloud or LAN for some specific integrations.

As far as zwave pocketsockets, I would look at the Zooz line. This is the house brand for The Smartest House. Budget price, lots of features, very popular in the community. :sunglasses:

I like the Zen25 model. Two independently controlled Z wave outlets, slim profile, excellent price. Has energy monitoring. But it does have a total limit of 10 A, so it depends on exactly what you want to plug into it. On sale this week.

The company also has staff members who are active in this community if you have any questions:


(I have no connection with them other than as a satisfied customer.)


Thanks for the mention @JDRoberts!

@David9723 depending on what type of load you’d like to control, there’s also the ZEN15 Power Switch for heavy duty appliances. Both plugs are on sale through the end of next week too :slight_smile:

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I can only guess there will be more and more ST devices with WiFi over time. If they are all WiFi none of these devices would work if your internet goes down would it?

Things like timers etc for lights, i think your local hub stores this now?

Zooz has some nice devices.

WiFi devices may still be able to work locally without the internet if there’s no cloud component. It just depends on how the manufacturer has designed it.

For example, all of my Apple HomeKit WiFi devices still work on the local LAN even if the Internet is out. But that’s part of that protocol specification. The only part that has to have the cloud on that platform is voice recognition. But again, it’s up to each platform company how much cloud they require to operate.

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I wonder how samsung’s very own wifi plug woulkd work, i may buy one just to test it out.

I use my ST for home security but most of the outlets are just for timers.

WiFi devices are also great for out-buildings such as sheds or barns where you can run Ethernet for a WiFi access point, but beyond Zigbee or Z-Wave range from your main house.

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