Appliance Outlet that defaults "OFF" when power restored. Possible?

Hi. Hoping for help from people smarter than me.

The situation:

  1. Solar installation capable of running off batteries when line power goes out.
  2. Takes 4 seconds to switch to batteries after line power is lost.
  3. Big load circuits (e.g. AC, range, dishwasher, etc) are not included in battery-backed power.
  4. I need to automatically disable large loads on the remaining outlets (e.g. non-critical refrigeration)
  5. I found a manual device (SafetyGate Restart Protection Plug),
  6. but what I’d like is a smartthings outlet or module that is “OFF” when power is restored regardless of the previous setting. I could then easily enable all those loads via Alexa or an automatic app when line power is restored.

Is there any existing appliance module that does this? If not, could a driver be modified to support it?


P.S. I did search before posting my question, but found nothing except Power Outlet Questions which doesn’t really address the question.

Different companies have adopted different design philosophies with regard to behavior after a power outage.

If the appliances draw 15 A or less, you can just use a GE or Linear pocket socket, as they will be typically off after power outage. ( of course, always verify that any specific device you purchase works in the way you expect, as you never know when a company might decide to change something. )

If the appliances draw more than 15 A, you have fewer choices and I believe they will all have to be direct wired. So before we get into those, do you need something for more than 15 A?


You are amazing.
I should have known there’d be a FAQ and you’d be the one who created it.
(I didn’t think to search for “outage” even if I did see “poweroutage” as a possible tag when I wrote my post.)

  1. 15 amps will work so - thanks to you – I’m good.
  2. I’m trying two: a GE and and a WeMo Insight. I’ll let you know what I find.
    For your FAQ:
  3. The Aeotec Smart Switch 5 version 6 restores “previous state”
  4. The Smartthings appliance module restores “previous state”

You can program the Z-Wave Plus Power Switch to be OFF after power is restored (it’s one of the advanced settings available through custom handler for SmartThings) and it does better with non-resistive loads than most plugs on the market:

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Bit out of topic but any idea when zoos power strip will be back in stock?

The Power Strip has been discontinued. It will be replaced with an improved multi-plug device coming out in 2018.