Power outage solution?


Last night we had 3 power outage during the night, with a couple of hours between each

We have a lot of smart bulbs and smart switches around the house, so each time the power came back, the light turn on everywhere on the house, had to wait for smartthings to turn on to switch all those lights off

Since it happened 3 time during the night, we had a shitty sleep and I am looking for a way to avoid that

Is there a solution to turn all the bulb and switch off before the power come back ??

Please help!

The first rule of home automation applies: “the model number matters.”

If your smart bulbs are hue bulbs attached to a hue bridge, it’s easy: Hue offers a “power on” feature which let you set the desired behavior for each individual Bulb, either turn on or come back with whatever the setting was before the power outage. Very nice, and works well. :sunglasses:

If you are using a different brand which connects directly to the smartthings hub, some of these, but not all, can report to the hub when power is restored. So one community member has created a “canary“ smartapp which can recognize when a Bulb which is normally always off gets turned on, and then use that to trigger whatever you want to have happen with your other bulbs, typically to have them turn off. (The topic title is a clickable link.)


Some smart switches have a setting for the action to take when power is restored.

As @jdroberts said, the model matters.


Zooz switches offer that and it’s amazing.


do you have to install a device handler for that on smartthing ? Got some Zooz switches and dont see any option on my smartthings app


The recommended custom DTH they list for each switch is what I use. I have a few 30s and a 22 and both have the option for power restore.

thanks for your reply, update 3 of my switches

other question, If I buy a UPS to plug my router/hub/modem, after a power outage, will I be able to go on my smartthing app, to change the status of each device to off ? Or since they will be offline, only the local device will still work?


I’ve got about a dozen Zooz ZEN26 and ZEN27 devices.

I use the custom DTH just to set the parameters. I then change to the standard DTH in order to get local execution.

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You will not be able to use the phone apps to control SmartThings devices if your hub does not have internet access.

Doesn’t matter if your phone is on the same local network as your hub, they can only communicate via the cloud.

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