GE Link Power Failure Behavior

I’ve got four GE Link bulbs that I installed a few months in lamps where the power to the lamp is always on allowing full control from the app or minimote. Just recently, we had a couple of momentary power outages and when power was restored (just a few seconds later) all the bulbs turned on. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?

No. These (and most, if not all) smart bulbs will default to on when power is cut and restored.

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Unfortunately not. Maybe with a firmware hack but it would be nice if GE would just update the firmware in the first place to stop them ‘dropping out’ randomly…

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Well, that sucks. I was planning on putting some more of these in the lamps in kid’s rooms but not if they are going to go full bright in the middle of the night when the power flickers… Smart outlets it is!

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This happens with GEs and TCP and probably Hue’s. There is a smart app by @scottinpollock that monitors for power loss/restoration on a ST v1 motion sensor and can turn off your smart bulbs. However, when my power blinks too fast the motion sensor isn’t switching over to battery fast enough, so all my bulbs still stay on.

scottinpollockFeb 15
You can find mine at