Smart Plug loosing connection and forgets it's last status

Hello SmartThings Community!

I’ve been using my Aeotec Hub V3 with 3x OSRAM Smart+ Plug’s (ZigBee) without problems until now.
Last night at 01:26 AM it was reported as “On-/Off: Off” in the SmartThings App without me or a routine turning it off. In graph it looks like it lost it’s connection and joined the zigbee network again:

zbjoin: {"dni":"4340","d":"###","capabilities":"8E","endpoints":[{"simple":"###","application":"0C","manufacturer":"OSRAM","model":"Plug 01"}],"parent":65535,"joinType":15,"joinDurationMs":26622,"joinAttempts":1}

= shorted for readability

Now I have the problem that when the smart plug reconnects, it does not remember the status and then the “Google Nest” connected to it no longer switches on and I miss my alarms in the morning. Same thing happened 4 days ago at 5:20 AM. This has never happened before until now. The outlet is approximately 3 meters away from the Hub V3. My Hub Firmware-Version is “000.045.00011” and my Controller-Version “2.3.10-1” (Matter and Thread are available).



It sounds like the same issues other users are reporting after the recent hub firmware updates. Report the issue directly to ST support.

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Just reported it in the Samsung Members app.

@nayelyz Will the informations submitted via the Samsung Members app go to the same team, that are using the “” mail?

Hi! No, it doesn’t, have you received any reply?
We’re different teams and we’re both receiving reports about this, so, in this particular case, they should be able to help as well.
If you don’t get any reply, you can contact us at but let’s see if they give you more info.

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Just got an reply:

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