Smart Module/Relay Suggestions Needed (UK)


I’m looking for suggestions on a smart Module that will act as a control when connected to a switch.

A bit like fibaro switch module but I’m not connecting the light I’m switching to it. It will be installed to a momentary switch. When operates it will control another device on smart things. The switches are decorative so it’s not like I can just use a wall remote type.

I could use a fibraro dimmer but that seems expensive for what I’m doing.

I’m in the UK and have a neutral at the switch.

Most of the Zwave relays available in the UK, including Aeotec, Fibaro, and Qubino all run about £50.

If you go to WiFi or Zigbee you can find much less expensive models. Sonoff are popular for both their zigbee and WiFi models.

Tuya makes some which are sold under many different brand names, but can be idiosyncratic and the different firmware on different models can also be an issue. So personally I would probably go with Sonoff if they meet your other specs.

One caveat: you just said “other device.” If it’s a 10A on/off switch, you should be fine with any of these. But if it’s something with a motor or a higher draw, you need a device spec’d for that purpose.

Thanks for that. I have some sonoff stuff already but didn’t realize they did those as cheap. Ideal when you’re not looking for dimming.

I think I’m going to use it do drive a scene from a wall switch. Here’s hoping

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