Best smart lighting / dimmer for my set up?

Hi all,

I’ve just found this forum, so I hope Im posting in the right place.

I’m looking for some advice on next steps in my setup. I currently have several Philips hue lights connect to the hue hub, which in turn is connected to several Alexas dotted around my home. I also have Logitech harmony and Netamo. All works great.

I want to automate the lighting in two more rooms but there are over 20 GU10 spots in these rooms. Hue looks like a very expensive option at £50 a pop. In one room these are currently connected to a standard 4 gang dimmer with no slave and in the other room a standard 2 gang rocker switch with a identical 2 gang rocker switch slave. So I’ve been looking at replacing these dimmers and switches with Alexa enabled dimmers and switches.

At the moment the Lightwave RF 4 gang dimmer and switches look the best option to me. It looks like I need to buy the Lightwave hub as well. It’s important we keep the dimming function in the room that currently is controlled with the 4 gang.

Does anybody have any other suggestions? I’d really appreciate any help.

Hi, I’m rather new around here too but from what I’ve come across it sounds like you need to look into the Fibaro dimmer 2. Should be able to handle those use-cases and much cheaper than replacing all the bulbs individually. Your 4-gang dimmer might need two back-boxes but don’t quote me on that.

Thanks @McWomble. Much appreciate you taking the time.

Do you know if I need the SmartThings hub to operate a Fibaro Dimmer 2? I note there both Z Wave devices.

You’d need some form of z-wave hub (like smartthings) if you wanted to control it via your mobile or with automation rules. I’m not sure on the capabilities of the LightwaveRF hub, but my understanding was that was only 433MHz RF used to control their range of products. The fibaro dimmers do allow you to connect a momentary push-button switch to them, so that you can also control them directly at the wall switch, like a normal dimmer.

ok, cool, thank you @McWomble. Much appreciate you taking the time.