Smart lock supporting Multipoint Lock?

Hi All

Please notice that Nordic countries does not have the same options when it comes to smart door locks.
Cold weather and 3 multipoints doors is one thing (Lack of Zigbee and Z-wave support is another)

Looking for High quality door lock, preferable with a keypad and some ID tags?
And of course smart home integration

(I am not against having multiple Hubs like Smartthings + Hubitat + HA)

Anyway I have so far found the following options:

A Nordic Favorite for a very long time:
Yale Doorman V2 -> Verisure -> API -> Smart HUB/Hassio/Hubitat etc…
(Down side Verisure can close down the API in the future? if they want to)

From Norway:
ID lock 150 - Dont see anu multipoint lock support?

Not really fulfilling my requirements:
Danalock V3 - Really want a lock reachable on the outside

Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock - Found this only available in the UK but also found users that have many problems with this in Denmark (App store UK - only Un-lock feature and so-on

So I would really like to hear from any one with a Multipoint door and also scandinavian end-users what are you using? and are you happy with it?


For what its worth the Yale Connexis L1 was preceded by the Yale Key Free Connected lock which had a built-in keypad. It uses the same modules as the Connexis L1 so I suspect its current issues for you would be no better.

On the Yale front in general there is some possible good news. See the following article.

This module and bridge give a totally new approach to controlling Yale smart locks and perhaps this will work better for you. According to the above article the module should be available for both the Yale Doorman and the Yale Connexis L1.

It maybe any Smartthings connectivity for the new module would be via an existing August handler.

Thanks for sharing! - This might be the solution to all our problems
(The holy grail of Smart locks in Nordic countries)
I really like the Yale Doorman V2 in design and build quality but I would need to be sure that it’s on the “compatible list” for this module.

The existing Yale Z-wave module only works in the UK - people trying to buy and use it reports that the firmware is locked - some from Sweden claimed to have bypassed this but haven’t found any proof of how to do that…

@rboy is an expert on locks for both the US and the EU and should be able to answer your question. :sunglasses:

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IDLock is an excellent choice which supports both RF tags and keypad users. Yale AFAIK has either RF Tags or keypad users but not both over Z-Wave.

For retrofitting locks, check out Nuki or Danalock V3 is also a good option. One is Z-Wave while the other is WiFi/Blueooth with slightly different feature sets but the nuki lock has support for 720 degree rotations.

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IDLock would be perfect but according to their homepage they state that they don’t support Multipoint lock!

[IDLock 150]

Danalock and the Nuki system is just on the inside
(I really want a quality lock on the outside, with Keypad or RF tag or some other access possibility)

I think I just have to wait and see what support Yale will get through new modules…

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You’re right, it doesn’t support multi-point (I was referring to the keypad + rfid feature), only Yale does that right now from an outside the door point. It has a RFID model but be sure to check if the module transmits that information over Z-Wave if you want to use it with smartthings.

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