Smart Lock set armed away

I have a Schlage Camelot Z wave lock. It works great for everything I need except one thing.

I use Life360 for my present sensor. Lately it’s been working great. When all members of the family leave, SmartThings will turn off all my lights my TV my Christmas tree arm the system to away and locks the doors.

When returning to home, SmartThings know I’m there unlock the door deactivate the alarm and raise the thermostats.

So one thing I’m trying to figure out is if my mother-in-law or UPS comes to the house uses their code and unlocks the door, SmartThings will deactivate the alarm and put it into a home. When they leave the door will lock automatically but will not put the system back into armed away. How can I get the system to go back into armed away if UPS opens up the door?

How have you set it up to Arm/lock your setup? Are you using Routines? If so, assuming you’ve that the routines is actually triggering SHM to set it to Armed Away (assuming you’re using SHM)

I think I might have this. I setup Webcore today and it seems to do what I’m looking for. We will see