Schlage Camelot Connect/Smart Alarm/Door Sensor

So I have a couple questions around having my Schlage deadbolt

  1. Do i need a sensor on the door to trigger the siren to go off? Or can i just use a forced entry on the deadbolt to trigger a siren on smart alarms?

  2. If i have it set to “night” or “away” mode can a successful keypad entry disable the away or night mode and not trigger a siren? (This would also apply if i am forced to get a sensor)

  3. Should I use the keypad entry as a trigger or if a presence sensor comes home? Or can I do both? Would Smart Alarm automatically go back to “night” mode after someone who had access entered the house?

  1. Not that I’m aware of
  2. You’d just want to change the mode on entry (run a routine)
  3. Up to you, but again changing mode/running routines based on other criteria would be the way to go. I personally don’t want my outside doors (I’ll be ok with garage door someday) unlocking as I get closer, though I set the front door to lock in various routines, just in case it’s unlocked.
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so instead of configuring this in smart alarm, i go into my “good night” routine and configure it or i create a completely new routine?

I completely understand not wanting things to unlock with presence and I think I will shy away from that too. So is there any way I can have the front door set off the alarm with only the schlage keypad and have it happen on forced entry or do i need a open/close sensor on the front door as well?

Sorry for the noob questions and I really appreciate your help

No Problem! Just so I’m clear, is this what you want to do?

Have house in night mode (or something similar)
You get home and enter the house without waking the whole house up with an alarm saying that someone is breaking in
You go back to night mode because it’s appropriate for that time of night or whatever the criteria is.

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yes, exactly and thank you!! You articulated it much better than i could. The one other “use case” i could see is:

I am home sleeping and someone tries to kick in or tamper with the door but the door does not have a window/door sensor on it. I would like the schlage lock to trigger the siren to go off and front entry light to go on. (I currently have this setup in Smart Alarm to work this way with a window sensor but didnt see an option to include a lock)

I owe you!

:smile: haven’t solved anything yet

Seems tricky to handle it with only the lock. Do you just want to avoid adding additional sensors to the door?

If you could add a multisensor to the door, this is what I imagine could work:

  1. User lock manager runs routine to let you in without triggering the siren/lights
  2. Something like this catches the door close and puts it back to night mode (um, let me know if that link doesn’t work, never linked to my code before…and didn’t really expect others to see it so be kind. :smile: This app is used on my bedroom door to trigger good morning at the appropriate times or turn off night if I get up/turn it back on if I go back to bed)
  3. Multisensor does vibration so there HAS to be something out there that triggers on vibration, one of those “if X is moved apps” that we see advertised all over the place, but which I can’t think of the names of off hand. So basically, if vibration (someone trying to break in) in night mode, trigger the alerts.

Now if nothing can be added to the door, that takes some thinking about what rules would guide the logic. Hmm, never written anything with my [Kwikset] lock either, since Erik Thayer has the coolest lock manager ever.

If nothing can be added to the door:

  1. stays the same as above
  2. Something else would need to trigger going back to night mode [based on whatever you have in your house]
  3. Need something else - motion or other - to trigger the break-in. Are you thinking physical tamper or attempting random codes?
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WOW, now you helped solve so I do owe you! Too bad you don’t live in MN I would buy you a beer :smile:

I have nothing against adding a multi to the door. I just wanted to save the money if i was able to leverage my lock but it seems I need a multi.

You are the best! So, if I get a multi, I do #1 & 2 above? A woman who can code and awesome, how could I be anything but kind! I don’t have a sensor yet, so I can’t give it a whirl. I just ordered a couple more monoprice sensors yesterday because they were at $19. I might grab another, although I like the Schlage ones because they have a brown casing and since my trim is wood that might fit in better.

Let me know if I am missing anything. And again thank you thank you!

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:blush: Glad to help. If you get a multi, the first batch of 1,2,3 I think will do it. 1&2 would do the night/safe modes and 3 will get you someone trying to break down the door. Hope it all works for you!

Side note: I like the idea of the Schlage sensor - that would work well for my front door, which I haven’t done anything like described above because it’s a dark wood and I didn’t want a white sensor on it. All other doors in my house are white so as my home automation grows, I can just add those and not care. Beautiful! Time to add to my Amazon wish list…

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Do you happen to know if i can use the my unlock code on my Schlage Camelot to change the status of my ST Hub from Away to Home… or vice versa?



Do you know if I can program SmartThings, set up an IFTTT to trigger an alert, i.e. Send text message, when the Schlage Connect Built In Alarm goes off? For example, if someone tries opening the door when it is locked, and the alarm goes off, I would like to receive a text message or some other event based on alarm being set off. I haven’t found any related articles or posts. Any tips would be appreciated.



Go read this thread, very similar question.