Unlocking Schlage Camelot Lock Sets Status To Home?


i have a Schlage Camelot lock on my front door as well as a Smart Sense Multi Sensor,
When I enter my or my wive’s code into the lock, I would like it to trigger my status from Away to Home

This seems like a straightforward thing, but how do i accomplish this ?

I created this Smart App for just this purpose - and it (optionally) will return the house to Away when the door is locked (and no Presence Sensors are detected).

So many people have asked about it, I put it up on my GitHub…you can get the file here:


PS. Note that you can create a separate instance of this for multiple people, so that you can identify which Code/Person unlocked the door. One drawback: since this uses dynamic preferences pages, you can’t name each instance differently…


Great !,

I am a newbie here so how do i add this in ?

apprecaite the help.

You get to learn about using the IDE - sign up to be a developer, create a dummy new Smart Device, then paste this code into the editor, save it, then Publish it For Me. You will then find the device in the My Apps section of “Add new Things” on your mobile device.

Don’t worry - it’s really pretty simple.

You seem to be the Schlage guru around here. I’m trying to do the same thing as the person before me. I’d like to use my Schlage Camelot code to change the status of my home from away to home. I’d like to also get a notification when a different code is used stating who’s code was used to unlock the door. Once i’m in the house and I lock the door, since I didn’t use my code or the outside lock function, will it still rearm to Away?

The app allows for not running the Home or Away events if one or more specified people (presence sensors) are present. Note that this means if someone with a presence sensor is the last person to leave, the door will lock but the location will not go into “Away” mode until the presence sensor is no longer detected at the location.

So, simply add your presence sensor to the list and you should be all set.

Does it register the home/away based on the alarm code being entered or does it use the actual door lock? Here’s my scenario, if I have the presence sensors identified as my or my wife’s cell phone and one of the kids comes home and punches in their code to unlock the door. Once everything disarms and the status changes to home, when the kids lock the door from the inside will it then mark the house as Away again?

As currently implemented, if the kids do not have their own presence sensors, when they lock the door, the location will be returned to the “Away” mode.

There is only one way to avoid this without changing the code:

Buy each child one of the SmartThings Presence Sensors. These can be attached to their backpack (etc.), and they are pretty cheap (except you’ll be replacing batteries every couple of months).

I couldn’t come up with a general purpose way of determining the door being locked from the inside vs. outside, nor any other way to keep from running “Away” when the door is locked. If you have any suggestions, I’ll consider them…


What if I have visitors and give them a temp code. Same issue I would image. Is there a way for me to log in via my phone and mark the system as away? I also have an iris keypad I’m not using. Could I implement this someway to overide the door locking (away/home) mode. Maybe they unlock the door, which moves the system into home, then punch the key which overrides the door. Somehow I’d need to have a trigger to allow the house to me moved into away status when I wanted it to.

The way I wrote the device, the only solution you have is to either use Presence Sensors, or to create a virtual presence sensor that you control with some sort of physical switch that you have people enable when they enter (and before they lock the door), The difficulty with this latter approach is reliably detecting when people leave.

It works this way because I wanted the house to go back into Away (and re-arm the SmartThings-based alarm system) after my electrician/cleaning people left. In my use case, I just told them not to lock the door when they came in, but TO lock the door when they leave. After a couple of shrill alarms going off after they locked the door inappropriately, they eventually got the hang of it :wink: It sounds like you want the door locked all the time.

One possible hack is to change the “Away” mode that you give to my app to being something else - like “Home and Locked” (you’d have to create this). This would allow guests/kids to lock the door without putting the home into Away mode. You could then configure a push notification/SMS, and then manually run “Goodbye!” if you knew that your guests have left… I can’t guarantee it will work, but it is worth a try maybe…

Thanks Barry, you’ve been a huge help. When I implement this… or try to implement this over the weekend, I’m sure I’ll have a few more questions. But this has been a huge help. Last question :wink: Would it be possible to just use the schlage door lock function to disarm (mark home)? Then I could use the app to mark Away. Right now the kids are young and don’t drive so I really just need it to disarm when they get home from school and not arm when they lock the door behind them.

Sure - just set the “Away” action to “I’m Back!” (same as the “Home” action)…

How are you adding codes to your lock? If you are using Lock Code Manager then this feature is already built in… You can also get a Lowes IRIS keypad if you want to use the same (4-digit) code to set the home to away when leaving…

I do have the iris keypad but have not set it up yet. My understanding is that there is no delay once you put in your code to change the status from home to away. Does this mean the pin pad has to be located outside of the house?

I’ve actually contributed some code to the lock code manager which both adds compatibility with the keypad and allows you to add an exit delay. You would set up the lock code manager to run a routine when you unlock a door and set that routine to disarm SHM.

Hey Ben, I loaded your program and it worked but it kept getting the names mixed up. I had 4 users and it kept thinking user 4 was user 1 and user 3 was user 2. Any idea why it would do this?

Hi Barry, went to install this over the weekend and, techie as I am, I could not figure out how to change the code to always show home. As we talked about before, I would like the schlage code to unlock the door and adjust status to home (disarm the alarm). Then when the door is locked, continue to show it as home so it does not rearm. Later I’ll introduce a key panel with a delay to lock. Can you send me the adjusted code with the home home?

That’s a very good question, I’m not sure. This is when you’re using the keypad or the door lock?

Simply change the “Away Mode Phrase” in the settings for the SmartApp to “I’m Back!” instead of “Goodbye!”.

So I installed the ULM and it’s still not working. I set up my 2 user codes through the Schlage lock and the installed the ULM and added both user’s with the same codes as before. It’s not recognizing the user code and marking it as “used” and it’s not adjusting the status of the alarm to “I’m Back” when I enter my code.