Smart Lock Guest Access turn off notifications

I’m currently getting a notification every time someone unlocks the door. I was able to turn off notifications for the lock specifically but I was still getting notifications. That’s when I noticed that the notifications were coming from Smart Lock Guest Access. I’ve dug around in both the Classic app and new app but I can’t seem to find out how to turn the notifications off. We needed to secure a room at the office and decided to use a Zwave lock because we were already using Smartthings at the office. The door gets unlocked 2-3 time an hour so I get 4-6 notifications an hour (from Classic and new apps) and it’s causing me to miss notifications for other devices.

There’s no way to turn off notifications from the smart locks app.

If you’re looking for the ability to control notifications at the per user level and customize them check out the Lock User Management (LUM) app (it works with the new and Classic app)

Thanks for the confirmation. That really stinks though… Any idea if it’s possible to turn off notifications for a specific hub? The lock is on a different hub that I would be fine with not receiving any notifications from.

I don’t think the new ST app has notifications setup per hub. You could turn off notifications about specific devices but that won’t stop notifications from apps.

Thanks for the replies.

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