Smart Lock Guest Access on Desktop

I was really excited to see that there is now a desktop version of SmartThings but when I downloaded it to my PC, it seems that there isn’t a way to download Smart Lock Guest Access. I use that on my smart phone to add and monitor passcodes for my Schlage locks. Does anyone know if there is a way to do that with the desktop version?


The only way is to use Smart Lock Guest Access is through the ST app.

3 options to manage lock codes on your desktop but you will need to check:

  • SharpTools (premium edition is required I believe)
  • CLI (I am certain I have seen users talk about it but can’t find anything at the moment)
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You can add/remove/update lock codes using the ST CLI. Using β€œsmartthings devices:commands” and selecting your lock device, you have the following command options:

 1   setCodeLength(length<integer>)                                
 2   reloadAllCodes()                                              
 3   unlock()                                                      
 4   unlockWithTimeout()                                           
 5   setCode(codeSlot<integer>, codePIN<string>, codeName<string>) 
 6   requestCode(codeSlot<integer>)                                
 7   lock()                                                        
 8   updateCodes(codes<JsonObject>)                                
 9   deleteCode(codeSlot<integer>)                                 
 10  nameSlot(codeSlot<integer>, codeName<string>)                 

There is also the option to use the 3rd party Seam application to manage lock codes.

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