Schlage Deadbolt management?

Is there a way for me to manage my deadbolt through the smart things app? I mean as far as setting and removing user codes, changing features such as alarm and auto lock etc etc.

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Try using the search button first but the answer is YES. There is a community released smartapp that does what you want.

I did use the search function first. That thread indicates Schlage has not been tested yet.

I have the schlage and it’s working fine. Here is the device type i’m using with it.

Lock Code Manager works well to manage your codes and then the device type @cuboy29 posted a link to should give you the ability to set the alarm, auto lock, etc

Thanks for the info. Is this going to affect anything I already have set up in regards to schedules and presence profiles?

You’ll install and publish the new device type in the IDE. Then go to your lock and change the lock’s type to the new one. All your existing stuff SHOULD work, as long as the device type is using the same capability/command names, which I believe it does

Excellent. So I need to install and then publish the device type, then change the device type on my lock, then install and publish the lock code manager app, install it on my phone, and use?

Exactly. And if for some reason something with your existing schedules/presence stuff doesn’t work, you can always switch your lock back to the default ST one

Thanks for the info. Really appreciate it.

Which groovy file do i get at ?

It says to copy the groovy file but there are two listed.

The one named user-lock-manager.smartapp.groovy. The other one is a device type, but it doesn’t include all the functions found in the one listed above

One last question. Is there a setting to change the default auto lock on the door? The default is 30 seconds and that to short when having it auto unlock when you arrive home. By the time im getting to the door it will have locked again. I looked in the app but didn’t see anywhere that this could be changed.

Also, i just happened to check my notifications in ST and its showing “Controller failed to set code for MYNAME” Its doing it over and over. I have changed the device type back to the default for now as I dont want to drain my battery.

To the best of my knowledge the lock is permanently set to that. At least my model schlage 468 is.

I haven’t used it, but I believe there’s an auto-lock smart app out there that will send a lock command after a configurable amount of time, but that will rely on ST sending it to the lock, not the lock doing it on its own

Not sure on that as I’m using a different device handler.

Try checking this thread where @garyd9 originally posted the device handler

Ok, thanks. Im sure I can get something like that done with Rule Machine.

Ok sweet. Thanks a bunch man. Just to confirm. This new one you have linked to is different from the one you originally lined right? So I should uninstall that one and then add this one and publish.

That’s the same one. The one that the original user linked above goes right to the github code. My link just takes you to the thread where it was originally posted where you may find your answer or at least post your question for the dev and those using it

Ok lol sorry. When it comes to the code im not very familiar with writing it so its hard for me to tell whats what. Thanks again. I will post my issue there and see what I get.