No Smart Lock Guest Access

I am not able to use the Smart Lock Guest Access on the app. Does anyone know why?

Do you have a lock that supports user codes?

Yes. I have a Schlage Connect and it is connected.

On my ST app, it is also grayed out. However, that looks to be because I already have that SmartApp installed under automations. So perhaps you have it enabled already? If so, you configure items within it from the previous screen (referencing your screenshot).

As Greg mentioned, if you’ve already installed the automation, it’ll appear greyed out. Check your dashboard to see if you see the module there.

abdillon…my screen was yours, with the Smart Lock Guest Access grayed out like yours. I have a KwikSet 910 door lock and it has worked since day one. Unfortunately, it was originally installed under Iris, who provided the tools to add and remove temporary users. So now I want/need to additional users, temporary and permanent. It is connected and I am able to control it from the SmartThings Hub (and my phone).
Taking gm22’s hint, I looked at the list of automatons and sure enough, Smart Lock Guest Access is listed. When I click on it in the automation’s screen, I get a screen with a blue box “Smart Lock Guest Access”, “all locked” and a list of locks: Livingroom Deadbolt Door Lock/Locked. The only thing I can do with the listing under ALL LOCKS is to lock and unlock the door. Touching the big blue box does nothing. The only other things to touch is the “HISTORY” button which is informative only.
I have just discovered that if I click on “LOCKS”, I come to a drop down: Locks, Lock codes. Lock codes takes me to a page where I have three codes listed. While it reflects creation dates, none of the dates are familiar with. Guess I have more to study…
Hope this helps.