Smart lock for garage entry door (lever only)

I currently have a Schlage Connect camelot set for the front door, and want to be able to have a smart lock for my garage entry door (inside my garage connecting to the interior of my house). I am just curious what others have done for this kind of situation. My entry door only has a lever currently, and I’m not sure if I should cut a deadbolt hole and go with another schlage deadbolt to match and have a plain door knob, or if there are any better substitutes for the lever.

I don’t care for the push button of the Schlage Zwave lever. I like the look of the Schlage Touch keyless with the exterior keypad but it isn’t a zwave device.

I don’t know if Schlage plans to release a smart version of the Touchless keyless one (fingers crossed), but would there be any cons to going with another brand that would meet my criteria for a smart lever with an exterior aesthetically pleasing keypad? Would it make sense to have a more secure deadbolt for the garage instead of just a lever?

Thanks in advance for any input/recommendations!

Kwikset makes a connected lock w/ lever handle too, model 912 I think? Check their website. Yale’s the other big name in connected locks, but I don’t recall if they have what you’re looking for, off the top of my head.

Not sure if anyone can answer that question but you. Kinda depends on your circumstances, your assessment of your security needs and what makes you comfortable, doesn’t it?

Interested too. Following


There are two Yale lever locks.



Personally, I would drill it out to have a deadbolt in place.

I use Kwik Set keypad locks on on my outside doors, with deadbolt. I do have one of them indoors with the just lever (no deadbolt) and it works well. But for an external door the 30 minutes to drill a deadbolt would be a good use of 30 minutes. Maybe more if you had to run to Lowe’s for a jig to do it. More tools. How can that be bad?



I just replaced both my locks with quickset. I did the digital one at the front door and replaced the handle with the latch type that you can put your whole hand on. Did a leaver at the garage door with the push button lock.

Here is the front door

Front door Handle

Here is the back door (don’t know why it is doing that, but click on it it will show the lock in amazon)

Following this… I am currently in a similar situation, and I currently have the Yale touchscreen Zwave deadbolt model, so I thought I would add the Zwave Lever model for the garage entry door, but I rather not spend 200+ for it. I saw that AWD sometimes has the Yale one for around 150 which is not bad…

Any other suggestions?