Any Z-wave or Zigbee Smart locks with handle!

My front door has two locks, one without a handle and one with a handle. I did replaced the top lock with a Z-wave smart lock, kwikset and now i am trying to replace the non-smart lock with a smart lock with a handle but I am having trouble find one in brass. I have the smartthings hub so any Z-wave or Zigbee lock will work. Any suggestions on where and which lock I should buy? Thanks!

There are some, but it can be difficult to get them to fit unless you use one of the retrofit knob turners, like August, for the deadbolt, and it sounds like you’ve already bought one for that.

Anyway, the first thing we need to know is what country you’re in, because the device selection does vary.

The second thing we need to know is whether you actually need a full lock for the non deadbolt, or whether you could just use an electric strike.

And the third thing we need to know is what kind of options you need for the non-deadbolt. Do you need a keypad on the outside? Do you need to be able to use a regular manual key with it?

Finally, what’s the specific model number of the Kwikset that you got for the deadbolt?

Once we know the answers to those questions, we can make some model suggestions. :sunglasses:

Do you need a smart main door lock AND a smart deadbolt? Most handle sets use a smart deadbolt and no lock on the main like so? (This is a Schlage Connect Camelot in oiled bronze)

Yes I know I need to pressure wash the front door. :slight_smile:

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My door looks like this, the bottom handle, the non Smart lock has the key hole in the handle. If this helps any.

I am in the US.

My door looks like this

The non Smart lock has the key hole in the handle.

It could be with/without key pad but should have a key hole in case

The deadbolt is a kwikset 914 I believe.


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The quickset 912 comes in either Z wave or zigbee in brass, so it should match your 914. If you have room on the interior side for both control boxes. :thinking:

But it ends up being a sort of fortressy look with two keypads on the outside.


I think most people who want a smart lock on both the deadbolt and the lever do one of the following:

  1. buy a device designed for exactly this purpose, with a single keypad that unlocks both the deadbolt and the lever lock. That won’t fit all use cases, but it’s a nice look and works for many people. Yale makes a zwave model of this type. Assure YRC226

  1. get one of the retrofit models for the deadbolt where you don’t see any extra hardware on the exterior side of the door, there’s just a knob turner on the inside. That way the outside lock for the deadbolt looks like it always did.


Then get any smart lever handle lock that you want for the exterior. You just have to measure everything to make sure it will fit vertically on the interior side. This will also give you only one keypad on the outside so it looks quite nice. And it gives you added security if you want it because the two locks can be controlled separately. Yale, Kwikset, and Schlage all offers zwave lever locks in multiple styles.



  1. A less popular but still feasible option is to add an electric strike for the lever handle. This requires a lot more wiring, but it’s the way you set up the door if you want to be able to physically open it with a door opener, like for someone in a wheelchair. Here’s one project report.

I have a Yale deadbolt on my front door, and a Yale handle set on my garage door. They have worked flawlessly.