Smart Lights

Been trying to get the smart lights app to work today,

It will turn a power outlet on using a motion sensor as the trigger.

However, neither the sunset/sunrise or the specific time triggers work?

This is infuriating as this is the ONLY reason I bought this system is to automate lights whilst I am away.

Why is this not working?

Open a support ticket so they can prioritize this bug. As a workaround add a -15 offset to both sunset and sunrise and it will work.

I have already sent an email to

I have tried using an offset of -30 and it made no difference.

But even if I put in a specific time for an event to occur, nothing happens.


I have discovered the issue, when setting up it has been setup to GMT as I live in the UK, however, the UK is currently at GMT+1 due to daylight savings, so the time is 1 hour out.

This is going to be a bit of a nightmare when the hour changes back next month.

Usually, once you set the Time Zone, it should track Daylight Savings Time correctly. Having said that, allow me to emphasize the word “should”! Last spring they had some issues with the transition.

I have a question on Smart Lighting. I can turn on a light using 3 control mechanisms:
When we detect
By Time

Are those OR functions or AND functions?

I want to turn ON a light when I unlock the door and it is after sunset. Can I do that with Smart Lighting? This is an AND function.

I have just discovered the very same issue with the Smart Lighting app. I have to set specific time triggers one hour ahead. Sunset and Sunrise times within the app seem to be behaving accurately though.

It seems to be confined to the Smart Lighting app as when I set routines to change modes and lights at a specific time, the times for those appear to be correct.