Motion from Sunset to Surise. What am I doing wrong?

Did a search and no luck. I set the above automation to try and have the lights come on for 3 mins if motion detected ONLY between sunset and sunrise. The problem is the lights come on at sunset automatically. If I manually turn them off then they will work as they are supposed to when motion is detected. Any ideas? Ideally I’d be able to have the motion “if” sit above the time “if” but it can’t seem to be set up that way.


Use Smart Lighting instead :slight_smile:

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Ah. Just found that in the app. Will give it a go. Thanks!

A related question - does anyone know where ST gets its definition of sunset & sunrise from?

I believe it is based off the geo location you manually set when initially setting up your hub.

So an update on this. Smart Lighting App now works the motion/sunset-sunrise as planned where I am using the Sengled bulbs, but where it’s supposed to be triggering the Smartplug it’s ignoring the sunset/sunrise instruction and turns on based on motion any time of day. Screenshot of this one below. Any ideas?

First, make sure you set the geolocation on your hub. If you have, next … Login to IDE at choose Locations from the menu, select Smartapps on that page and see if you have a Hello Home section at the very top of that screen. If there is no Hello Home section, install and login to the Classic app to see if that creates the Hello Home section for you.

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Thanks for the help. Just to be clear I have one motion sensor working correctly (sengled bulbs) and one not (smartplug). So how would geolocation affect this?

I’ll have to direct you to contact ST support. I do not have an answer for you. Sorry.

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