My Smart lighting app not working

I just had installed my first ge smart dimmer switch. When setting up the smart lighting app for lights turning on & off at sunset & sunrise, the app did not work. I have no other smart apps except for severe weather & I do not gave any routines set. The only other items that i have excludng window/doir/leak sensors is a iris smart plug that i use downstairs for a repeater. I have read that people have had issues with smart lighting app not working but im not sure if it has been fixed.

Two separate possible issues here.

First, when you create an automation for sunrise or sunset, it may not start running for the first time until the next day. Try changing the rule so that it is instead scheduled to run in 10 minutes and see if that works.

If you continue to have problems, support should be able to cheeck things from their side:

Ok I just tried it with turning on a specific time & it worked.

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My only queztion is if I want to set the app to turn lights on a few minutes before sunset, am I selecting the + or - symbol.

Before sunset is minus, after sunset is plus. If Sunset is at 6 PM, sunset -15 is at 5:45 PM and sunset +15 is at 6:15 PM


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Ok I’ll set it up for tomorrow. Thanks jd.