Smart Lighting - Turn on and set white level (color temperature)

So plus side, i can now change the color temperature of my LiFX and Osram at the same time as my Hues. Downside is the “Warm” setting is still much whiter than I prefer. Can we get an actual color temperature slider instead of just those 4 choices?


I’d love a slider as well. That would be much more exact for us nutjobs that need perfection!


I just checked my Smart Lighting app and didn’t see it? It only says turn on & set level for my Osram turnable white.

I have the Osram Tuneable and am running the Device Handler “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb” with full color temperature control. The “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb” can be found in the Device Handler section of smart things public.

It already is paired as ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb and I can control the color temperature in app.
The problem I have is the Smart Lighting does not provide me an option to turn on & set dim level & set color temperature.
All I get is turn on & set dim level.

I would recommend you go to the community, log into the developer site plus your location then open Device List. There you will hopefully see the Type “ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb”.

Note that if you have this driver, the detail page will have a slider on the left with the temperature “nomenclature” (i.e., Daylight, Cool White, Moonlight) on the right. Again, I am looking at mine at this moment.

also, if you’re trying to change color using an exiting smart lighting rule, make sure you go back in to the “what do you want to do?” option.

Still not working for me…

Smartthings support confirmed this is missing for turnable white bulbs.

They could also create/modify the Color Temp command to check the on-state and automatically turn on the bulb if the color temp is changed. Then when you move the slider (and bulb is off), the bulb will turn on and change color temp w/o further user interaction. It is already what happens for brightness.

This is done in the DHs for the TP-Link Bulbs. It was necessary so I could control the lights from my Logitech Harmony (which turned them on by setting brightness).

The smartapp is setting the temp value on the bulb (Osram tunable white), but the bulb does not change its color accordingly

Does the color temperature change if you manually adjust it through the app?

Yes it works fine when controlled manually through the app