Osram Lightify Tunable White / Set color temp to 6500K when turned on via motion sensor

I have the Osram Lightify Tunable White bulb paired directly to the Smartthings hub. Using the SmartSense Motion detector, I am able to turn on the bulb when there is motion. This is configured using the Smartthings app in the Lights/Switches section. As part of the settings, I am able to configure the dimmer level (e.g. 50%). However, there is no setting for color temperature (e.g. 2700K or 6500K). I know the Lightify Tunable White bulb is the only one that has tunable color temperature. I’m requesting Smartthings to enhance the app so that it has this as a setting when this bulb is being used.


I’m also looking for a similar feature. Any news on including color temp control in a SmartApp, so we can set dimmer and color when turning on the bulb?

I suggest you look at the other thread “Osram Lightify (it works)”. You may find what you need.

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