Smart Lighting Sunset/Sunrise not working


Whenever I try to set up my automation rule with sunset/sunrise with an offset of 15 mins, I get the following error: Failed to save page: namePage.

What could be wrong?

I have been getting the same issue since day one.

Same issue for me. I set a light to come on 30 minutes after Sunset, but it did not trigger. On the graph.api website, this Lighting Automation says: State=Incomplete.

This happened about a month ago too. I had to delete the automation that wasn’t working and re-add it. Strange thing is other automation using sunset was still working. Having said all of that mine failed again just this evening. Only system change I made today was to add a Minimote.

The issues is, this has never worked for me. I have tried multiple times with different lights, and it has never worked. Would really like a solution.

Try doing it without the delay… Just see if it works?

it doesnt…tried several times.

Have you contacted support yet?