SDC19 - Where Now Meets Next!

We will be hosting fantastic sessions at Samsung Developer Conference in San Jose, CA on October 29 and 30. Come join us to learn more about the new the next generation of Device Plugins, Rules API, integrations with MQTT devices, and more!

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We are working with customer favorites like webCoRE and SharpTools to build the next generation of custom Rule Builders. Visit our sessions at SDC19 to learn about how our new Rules API moves beyond Groovy SmartApps with faster execution, easier management of Automations, and lays the groundwork for local execution with a future update to the API.

Join us in San Jose at #SDC19 for exclusive access to the newest developer resources! Get 50% discounted tickets and on-site gift of Galaxy Buds when registering at with promo code SDC19-SER-ST .


This is soooooo exciting!!

Thank you for this as I can assume I’m not the only one who would jump ship if we didn’t have these tools available. No webCoRE would mean no SmartThings for me.




We will also be discussing our new Works as a SmartThings Hub program! Join us at SDC19 to learn how to embed SmartThings Hub software in your device.

  • Leverage our open smart home ecosystem.
  • Do more than just add devices. Create recurring revenue opportunities.
  • Multiple options to integrate your device as a Hub

Get 50% discounted tickets and on-site gift of Galaxy Buds when registering at with promo code SDC19-SER-ST.

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Is WASH new? I though the Nvidia shield was a WASH product?

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My understanding is that the NVIDIA SHIELD and ADT SmartThings kit are part of the WASH program.

Edit: Also, the Vodafone SmartThings integration.

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i think the current vodafone integration is smart app based using the SmartThings Wifi units. But it looks like they are coming out with a new one that uses a SmartThings dongle and Vodafone modem/access point hardware.

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SmartThings had mentioned a Vodafone integration as part of the WASH program in one of the presentations I’d seen, but it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that!


Thing is… so far with the Shield and pretty much anything not v2 of v3…get left behind and never get any updates/new features. So unless they change their ways from the last 2 years or so…nothing to get excited about.

This is Samsung’s attempt to take on the Alexa behemoth, and somewhat the Google Assistant. Bixby is a dud so why not try to get ST and likely bixby together on more devices…

Or thats my opinion

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yeah, the lack of firmware updates is disappointing. Not sure if Samsung or Nvidia (or both) controls that, but definitely a concern.

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Is there a webpage with more details about this program?

Any updates from tje.confrence?

Haven’t read all the details yet.

SlashGear: Samsung SmartThings is getting offline Rules support.

Thanks alot.

Gotta a full article I’m writing, but I’d say two big themes from the conference:

  1. continued evolution of the platform. New rules API will be the tool for internal and external devs to use for creating automations. Basically a lot of Groovy smart apps will become user interfaces that build JSON objects to feed this new rules API. Live now with the basic conditions and actions, more functions and local execution in the future. Local functions will require hub firmware updates

  2. SmartThings as a service. SmartThings is making a push to be the IoT platform for other companies. Think apartment management companies, aging in place companies, maintenance companies, etc. They’re developing privacy and login management functions to support this. Also pushing via embedding SmartThings hubs in other devices. Basically a revamped program similar to the Nvidia shield dongle, but some changes around how ST firmware is managed and updates are rolled out. Can also be embedded radio hardware or a dongle.


Just want to say thank you to all of the community developers who came out to SDC this year. Shout out to the intrepid community reporter @Automated_House as well. If I missed tagging you please PM me so I can add you.

@tgauchat @625alex @joshua_lyon @jrivera @heythisisnate Tim McDougall


It was a great conference this year! This was my third SDC and I really got a great vibe and feeling from the SmartThings/Samsung team out of this one.

My first SDC was 2017, right when Samsung announced the unifying SmartThings brand direction and the new “Oneapp” grown out of Samsung Connect. There was enthusiasm about the vision, but also lots of uncertainty that you could feel from the SmartThings team.

Last year there was some progress made on the new public API and that was exciting, but at the same time I felt the frustration at the slow moving adoption of the new app and the pains of integrating teams.

This year, however really feels like everybody at Samsung/SmartThings is more aligned and super optimistic about the platform. I really like the direction that SmartThings is going with more cloud- and local integration options, a renewed focus on openness and developer community, and excellent progress on the new app. It’s clear that Samsung/SmartThings execs have been listening to the user community and parter community and responding favorably.

Great seeing you all again and will be back next year for sure! I wouldn’t miss it.