Smart Light App no longer has Power Allowance

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I’m trying to set a time for a light to turn off after a period of time (after being triggered by a sensor). A lot of the articles on here talk about the Smart Lighting application having Power Allowance Exceed option under the When section. I don’t have this in my app, only Mode Changes. Has this been deprecated? Is there anythoger way of setting a time other than WebCore (can’t be bothered with that as i’m not a developer)?



Mine still has it. Under “How do you want to trigger the action”, select Power allowance exceeded. Its the very last thing on the list.

This is with the classic app, I don’t think the new app has smart lighting so I assume you asking about the classic.

Not there.

I go to Automation -> smartapp-> smart lighting -> new automoation ->select my device -> etc… the How do you want to tigger the action has the stuff in “when we detect” and then “by time” but the “when” section only has “Mode Changes” and nothing else.

do i need to install any other apps to get this to work?



It’s not there for me either. I thought it was there at one time.

If I select a light, and then for “what do you want to do” set it to turn off, then under “How to trigger” then under “when” along with mode changes you should see “power allowance exceeded”. If you have it set to turn on then power allowance does not appear.


AH yes… found it now as i was trying to do it on a power on not on the power off.


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Yup, good catch!

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Is this feature still working for you?
I installed Smart Lighting SmartApp and set Power Allowance to turn off garage light after 10 minutes.
Nothing seems to be happening.
The light is still on and not getting turned off.
Anything in particular to do to make sure the feature automation is indeed activated?


Hi @ad_me, I haven’t used power allowance in Smart Lighting in a very long time. I would think it would still work regardless which mobile app it was built in.

It is working now.

I guess it takes a while for their cloud to sink.

Not sure I like this cloud based automations.

The server seems to disappear intermittently :frowning:



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