Changes to Smart Lighting

@SmartThings is there a way to bring back the “select power allowance” feature as a trigger option in the smart lighting app? I had figured out a work around for Arlo cameras/motion triggering lights to power on but wouldn’t power off after motion stopped. This way was to select power allowance as trigger to turn off after lights had been on for certain time. This no longer seems to be an option in smart lighting. when using the smarthings auto off in smart lighting or even auto off in routines, the lights don’t seem to work. please push a button on the next app update to bring back the power allowance trigger.

If you set the Action to Off there is is an Auto Turn-Off condition in Device Status. Isn’t that Power Allowance by a more sensible name?

Update: I just tried it. That’s definitely the equivalent of Power Allowance as I remember it.

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thanks for the advice but in case you didn’t notice in my original post, I mentioned trying auto off. that doesn’t work as intended and hasn’t for quite some time. At least not with Arlo cams motion triggering lights on. IIRC, it was something to do with Arlo and ST cloud communications. the work around was for the power consumption to be monitored, not the on off state. This is what I get with the auto off after 10 min since noticing power consumption trigger no longer available

I noticed it after I first responded which was why I checked it did work and did indeed behave the same as ‘Power Allowance’. I am a bit confused by your description because the ‘Power Allowance’ trigger in the old Smart Lighting app was simply a timer and did not involve any monitoring of power consumption. Smart Lighting might have been able to do that but ‘Power Allowance’ wasn’t how it did it.

I am surprised that your Routine isn’t working for you either. The device history is rather suggestive of it working but that something else is turning the light back on again.

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