Smart Lighting not triggering my Z-Wave switch

(Neil Cherry) #1

This one has me confused. I 2 Z-Wave switches. One outlet, one wall switch. They are less than 5m from the Smart Hub and I can manually control both from smartthings. The Outlet works fine and it triggers properly at sunset and it’s later off time. The Switch never goes on or off. This has occurred since the latest firmware upgrade (in the last week). I can see no error logs and can’t find anything that might help point the way.

Any pointers?

(Joseph Fattizzi) #2

Try rebuilding your ZWave network.

(Neil Cherry) #3

I didn’t think it would work but many hours later, it did. It’s again working. Thanks

(Joseph Fattizzi) #4

Rebuilding the network takes a few hours to actually see improvement. Glad all is good.