Z-Wave Switch not working anymore

I have a GE Z-Wave dimmer switch in my bedroom that’s been working great for a few months.

Lately, it’s just stopped talking to the hub. The hub seems to report the switch OK (on when on, off when off), but the control is totally gone.

I haven’t changed the location of the hub, so I don’t think it’s a distance thing since it was working fine before.

Any suggestions?

Recycle the power to this switch will most likely fix it.

@sc00tz, 2 things to try. 1st, power cycle the switch via the air gap switch or the breaker. 2nd, try repairing your zwave network and look at the hub’s event log via the IDE. If you see something like “failed to update mesh” then keep running a repair again after it finishes and that message goes away. It will eventually. If you see the message “failed to update route” then you have have had the switch fall off the mesh. I’ve had a couple GE device do that, typically after a quick power outage. The only way I’ve been successful fixing the route issue has been to brute force delete the device, and then reincluding it. Try power cycling and repairing first before any forceful deletion of the device.

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I don’t really have a “mesh” since this is the only z-wave device I have (the rest are zigbee).

Having to cut power to the switch via the breaker seems like a huge fail :frowning:

@sc00tz, try the air gap switch first. The GE switches are good devices. Zwave can be flakey compared to zigbee, at least from my experience.

Agreed, I have a zwave device that falls off the network at times. Normally I know it is coming when I see it’s status no longer being correctly updated but it still respond to events like on and off.