Smart lighting + motion but only if light is off

I’m looking to have my backyard light come on for when there is motion detected, then back of after 1 minute of no motion but only after sunset and before sunrise and only if that light is already off. I may turn the light on manually (letting the dog out) so I don’t want it to turn off the light after no motion for 1 minute if I turned the light on manually. I set something up in Smart Lighting but I fear that the “More options” setting to only do it if the light is already off is processed after the light is triggered on by the motion this the light will never go off. Any ideas?

Webcore is probably your best bet. You can also write your own smartapp, but webcore will be much easier. Smartlighting can do quite a but it has it’s limitations. Webcore can do exactly what you want.

BTW. I tend to forget many are coming in only using the new app so If you are then you will probably have to install the Classic app. Not sure about that. I have both but started with the classic and later added the new one, but only open it occasionally.

Did you actually try this? It works just fine and I use the same scenario with one of my motion sensors. This routine only runs if all the options are true therefore it will not run if the light is already on so no worry about it turning off.

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Yeah, I tested it last night. The light came on when there was motion but it never turned off. Even after 5 minutes past when the sensor switched back to ‘no motion’ (it seems to take 1-2 minutes of no motion to have the sensor read no motion). I think it doesnt turn off because the turn off step may process after 1 minute of no motion but at that point the light is on (turned on by the motion detection).

@Terminal, thanks for the suggestion… now im stuck going down a rabbit hole haha. But it was really easy to setup and Ill have to wait till I get home this evening to test it out.

I don’t think it works that way. The routine doesn’t run all over again after no motion, just the timer and switch turning off. It shouldn’t care if the light is already on. I have the same setup and it works fine. Try changing your time to 5 minutes to see if it works any better. That is what mine is set for.

Ill try it out again tonight and see what happens

@Paul_DeFeo Did you ever get this to work using smart lighting? I have the exact same issue; it’s almost like it rechecks the condition of the Switch before executing the timed-off portion. I have webcore installed but if I can get it running through Smart lighting I think everything will process locally and I do want instantaneous lights on when motion is triggering a switch that is off.

That’s currently how mine is set up and it works perfectly. I have attached my screenshots to show how I have it set up.