On Motion Light on and off?

(William) #1


Need help setting up this scenario: At 12:00am I need to turn off the lights and if there is any motion in that room the light will come on and when there isn’t any motions after a certain time the lights will come on again, etc. I could not get “Smart Lighting” app to accomplish this task properly, the lights would never go off after time I set for no motion. Is there another app I can use instead?


(jkp) #2

Check out webCoRE…

(Woolfman72) #3

smartrules or webcore … I currently use smartrules for motion based light activation in my laundry room.

(Jimmy) #4

Seems like this can be done with two Smart Lighting rules:

  1. turn off at 12:00 am
  2. Turn on with motion, turn off after X minutes with no motion

(Jimmy) #5

wait, this confuses me. After no motion, turn the light ON?

(William) #6

Thank you for the response, I did setup that way to except the lights will turn off until motion again starts, I would like the light to stay on until there is no motion for certain amount of time then go off then. So your left in the dark at 12am

Thank you

(Woolfman72) #7

so after midnight motion turns light on and light stays on until motion stops for X minutes ?

(William) #8


Yes that what I meant.

Thank you,

(Woolfman72) #9

like this then click more options at the bottom and only during a certain time… set specific time and specific ending time.

(William) #10


This is how I have it setup now, with addition for another Smart Lighting setup to turn off the light at 12am. But that leaves me in the dark at 12am until motion. Both Smart Lighting setups run at 12am.


(Woolfman72) #11

I am not following what you want then. so you are saying light on until it senses motion and then after motion ends turn it off? because what you are asking for is confusing.

(William) #12

Yes that what I mean. Starting at 12am


(Woolfman72) #13

This would be done in webcore as you can get alot more complicated with your automation there than you will with the smartlighting.

(William) #14

You mean Ady624: CoRE? I just install it but never set it up before

(Woolfman72) #15

https://community.webcore.co/ is the website to go read up on. The ady624:CoRE is just the smartthings app.

(William) #16

Thank you again, I will read through this and see what I can come up with…