Light doesn’t turn off when no motion

I want to use a Smartthings motion detector to turn a light on when there is motion detected and off again 5 minutes after motion has ceased.

Have set this up but light comes on with motion but when the no motion signal is sent it doesn’t turn off.

What is the fix ?

Can you post a screenshot of your routine.

For myself, I use two routines.


Screen shots…

More images…

The ‘Turn on lights upon detection’ and ‘Motion detection notifications’ routines are fairly recent additions to the app. I just set one up one of the former, noted that it doesn’t work as described (as you noted), and then took a look at how it is actually implemented.

Basically the “They’ll turn off if motion isn’t detected for 1 minute.” claim is completely false. There is no such functionality implemented in that Routine.

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Thanks for looking into it and responding. Much appreciated.

Jeepers though - what happened to release testing ?

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They used to call these automations that could be set up directly from the device details page by the name ‘quick controls’ and generally the end result is listed with what they now like to call ‘Automatic routines’ and is no different to what you could have set up yourself from scratch using a ‘Create routine’ page. So I was a bit surprised to see the comment that the lights would be turned off after 1 minute of no motion as that isn’t something that you can do within the constraints of a single Routine. Also why on earth would they impose 1 minute on you instead of asking anyway?

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My understanding is that “quick controls” are based on functions that are built into the Android operating system to support home automation, so are from a design outside the SmartThings architecture. Thus leading to some inconsistencies with other parts of the platform. :thinking:

Well I am on IOS not android.
Is that why is doesn’t work ?

‘Quick controls’ was the name that used to be used for all the automations that could be configured directly on the device details page. When that page was split into tabs ‘Timer’ (switches) and the button press actions remained on the ‘Controls’ tab but others like ‘Power on’ and ‘Power off’ moved to ‘Routines’.

When configured these automations appeared as Routines and at one time they were labelled as ‘Quick controls’ and also referred as such in passing. This may have been before ‘Automations’ became ‘Routines’. It was never a high profile name.

I don’t really know why I even mentioned ‘Quick controls’ as it was largely irrelevant. The point was that these are essentially shortcuts for configuring single Routines when the device being viewed is the trigger. So it is particularly odd to see a comment indicating behaviour that a single Routine can’t do.