Accidentally deleted Smart Lighting

(Patrick Shoemaker) #1

So, I was deleting a lighting automation that I set up in the Smart Lighting app. Then I accidentally hit the delete button for the app itself. Now all my lighting automations are gone. Should I start spending hours setting them back up, or is there a way to restore the app?

(Ray) #2

Only thing I could think of is to get in touch with support. I feel your pain and hope you will get them back.


I believe once it’s deleted, it’s deleted. If ST maintained some kinda of backup in situations like this I’d be surprised.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #4

I did that once… You can’t imagine how carefully I read the pop up delete screens now… Oh wait… You can imagine it…

Sorry man but you are definitely rebuilding your automations. It sucks big time.

(Robin) #5

Dude that sucks… hope support can help you but in all probability you’re back to square one!!

(Alan) #6

Can’t you simply restore your phone with the previous backup you made?

(Robin) #7

Data is (was) on the ST servers, not the phone.

(Alan) #8

Ah, I was not aware of this. Good to know. Thanks.