Smart Lighting Automation Keeps Turning Itself Off (May 2024)

Having real issues as I have multiple automations using this and it just keeps turning itself off, anyone come across this?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :rage:

  1. are these automations that used to work and now stopped working?

  2. can you give an example of a specific brand/model device that is involved?

  3. what do you mean when you say “turning itself off“? Individual Automations don’t really have an on/off. They can be enabled or disabled. Or devices in them can be on or off. Or an automation might just fail to run from time to time. Or do you mean the smart lighting Smartapp is toggling itself off?

Can you post a screenshot of one of the problematic automations and then explain what is going wrong with it?

  1. what type of phone do you have? Galaxy? Other android? iOS? And is the SmartThings app on that phone up-to-date?

iOS fully updated IOS app and the smart lighting app contains multiple automations not working.

When I say switches off it toggles off says no connection although clearly still connected

Did you try if it’s happening in the Android device if at all you have one?